Monday, August 2, 2010

Teen Birthdays

My father moved in with us, and ended up getting a job. The only thing available was a firemans waterboy, so he took that. That job is night shift, and he always goes in early to work out and maintain the truck, so he is always gone before I get home from school. He has been here for days, and I never see him, I think he is trying to avoid me.
Here is a picture of the firehouse. I pass it on my way to school, and took this shot myself from the bus window. mother also gave him Grandmothers van, which he got painted red, to make it a work vehicle.
Grandmother bought this the day she passed away, it has never been driven.
That is not the only thing that is new...

A few days after my fathers arrival, mother realized she was expecting again. From what she explained to me, this is an unplanned blessing. I think it will be nice for me to have a sibling. Maybe it will help father adapt more, to be there for the birth and the young years of his second child. He lost plenty of time with myself that he will never get back. not saying that he wants to.

Mother told him the news when she saw him a little later that morning. He freaked out, litterally, and again stated that he couldn't handle this... he tried and has failed. He has commitment issues. He broke it off with my mother and moved out, ran out is more like it.

This is a happy occasion all around though. Mother is expecting a beautiful baby, and it is my birthday today. I am getting into my teenage years now, and I will be happy to help Mother as much as I can with the new baby. I am pretty excited about this!

Mother bought me a birthday cake, although I am not sure when. She totally surprised me with it. Before I blew out my candles I told her I wished for her to have a healthy baby, and a happy life. I also said I knew that telling your birthday wish would not hurt the outcome. She seemed like she was going to cry. Mother thanked me for thinking of her.

My first pictures as a teen girl.
Mother says I am prettier than she imagined I would be.
Aren't all mothers supposed to say that?
A little while after my birthday celebration, my mother seemed quite upset. In asking her what was wrong, she said "I just feel so stupid, trying to give your father a second chance. I wish I had never done that"
I comforted her as best I could, and reminded her that she has a new baby to think about now. Thinking about the baby put her mind at ease, and she felt a lot better. "At least there are 2 wonderful things in my life that came from knowing your father", she said.
After our little conversation, Mother decided to go for a jog. She was always a fit and healthy woman in her younger years, and she was not feeling as 'fit' as she used to be. So she decided to jog regularly to remain healthy.

Mother is through her second trimester, and the baby is due anytime. We are both waiting anxiously in hopes the delivery goes smoothly. I hope it is a girl, but a boy would be great too. Just over all hoping the baby is healthy.


  1. Sorry, I tried haha. But he was a brat and we did not like him.

  2. LOL!! I wouldn't like him either :) But she grew up so pretty! What is her name again?

  3. Amelia :-) Working on the next post, but babysitting too, so it is taking a while lol