Monday, August 2, 2010

My trip

I decided to visit china. I was really young the last time I came here, and hardly remember it. There were beautiful places to visit! The first place I went was the garden. I did some meditation there, it was a very peaceful spot. As relaxed as I was, my adventurous side was getting a hold of me. It was time to look for something to get into! The first job I grabbed to do, took me deep into a secret entrance at this fisherman's retreat. There were plenty of things to do down there! I have some dried food, and a tent, just in case I have to stay down there for a long time. A good adventurer always comes equipped!
My first obstacle was a pile of rubble that needed to be cleared. Okay maybe it didn't NEED to be, but hey there could be adventure or treasure around every corner in this place! There was actually a bag of money under this rubble.
Continuing on, I found more rubble piles, also some holes in the wall. Being so 'adventurous' you know I just had to see what was in there. I was totally horrified when I felt little crawly things all over my arm! Quickly I yanked it back out and brushed them off, only to say "well I guess the bugs are gone now" and stuck my arm back in there!
During my exploration, I even had to move statues to get to what I needed. These were pretty heavy and wore me down quickly. I was actually getting pretty tired, so figured I would find a room big enough to put my tent up and camp out for the night. The room next door was big enough. I set my tent up in there, but as soon as I go to step into it, I triggered a fire trap! I was totally engulfed in flames for a few seconds, although it felt like an hour, then I remembered there was a well in the hallway right outside. I ran to extinguish myself as quickly as possible. I guess I will have to move my tent... do not want to stay in a trigger happy room.
I went back to one of the first rooms I entered, to set up camp there. Had a pretty rough night on that hardwood floor. Woke up to my shower in a can, and a little dried morsel plus a yummy apple for my breakfast. Time to keep going. Heading back to that room to check for more traps, maybe get past them. Back in the room I was just checking the floor when I noticed that I was stuck in the middle! I could not go anywhere, and unfortunately I had not had enough experience to disarm fire traps yet. I spent a few hours actually attempting to disarm or cross these things, to no avail. Finally (I won't say to my quick thinking, because it did take a while) I thought to myself, 'hey, I can zeneport out of here, my mother taught me how!' So that is what I did. I started my meditation, but being a little stressed, it took a few hours to reach my center.
I did though, and chose with my minds eye where I wanted to be. Not to far away mind you... just a few feet. Then POOF there I was finally out! Out, and a little hungry. I had spent so much time trapped in that room, I only had a few more hours before I would have to head to bed again. Only a couple more rooms to go though.
I walked through halls of fire, and finally found what I was looking for. The final room had a treasure chest in it, with the beautiful relic I needed. I searched the walls just in case, and discovered a secret door that led to a well. Exploring the well actually I found a tunnel down there that took me back to the first well I dived in to extinguish my firey booty! That was handy, that meant I did not have to go back through the hall of fire or anything! On my way out, I decided I was to tired, and it was dark out anyway, so I'll camp in here again. Although, having such a bad night the first night, I'll sleep in one of these room I discovered searching this place. At least its a real bed, maybe not my bed, but still a mattress right? That night, I dreamt of bugs and fire. Pretty disturbing, but a better night than last night!
When I woke up, looking at my cellphone, I saw that it was already 11pm! I'll be leaving here in 13 hours, man time flew by pretty quickly down in the dark! Since it was nearly noon, and I was hungry, I headed to the local market to get some of my favorite food, egg rolls. I wish I could make these at home, but I am not a good enough cook.
For my last 10 hours, I decided to stay out in the sun. I did play a little chess with a fellow tourist, that was fun.
I also helped a couple people run a few errands, as long as it was above ground. I collected bugs for people and gathered some rocks.
It was almost time for me to leave, so I just wanted to chat with the friends I had made for a little while and say goodbye. My flight is leaving in a few hours, and I'll fly all night.

I was stuck in coach for 7 hours! Not the best time of my life. I fell asleep for a little bit, and that helped pass the time, but I really could not wait to get off that plane, and get in my bed in Sunset Valley.

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  1. Sounds like she had a blast! I hope she bought some things to take home!