Monday, June 13, 2011

Luca Benedetto


Traits include - Workaholic, Kleptomaniac, Athletic, Lucky and Ambitious.

He likes Tri-tip Steak, Electronica Music and the Color black.
Luca Benedetto aims to reach a goal of obtaining §50,000 in stolen goods. He will be packing his house to the brim with everything he gets his fingers on. Anything you see in his home (aside the stove,fridge,bed,toilet,shower and counters - are stolen). His story will be approximately 10 chapters long. I hope you enjoy reading about Luca, he has been a favorite to play and work with.


  1. Ahhh, a new story ab out a cute bad boy :D Just wondering--with some of these (not the Fuller Legacy) do you play them through and then make them into a blog at your leisure? (Like with two small children you actually have leisure time? LOL)

  2. He is cute is he not?? LOL
    Citryne was played chapter by chapter, As was Hank. Luca though is all done, played through - I have all pics needed. So yes, this one is leisure writing, although as you said, with two children I take my leisure when I get it. Actually his first 2 chapters are written. Will be released Friday, and every friday after! YAY! (at least I hope to stick to that schedule)