Saturday, July 31, 2010

First day of school

We are back from Egypt and it is my first day of school! I am so excited to meet new people, kids my age. That bus driver looks a little odd though, I am a bit nervous riding this bus all by myself. I am sure it will all be fine, it is only a 15 minute drive to school. We live on the beach.
This is our house. It is three stories, although the third is just the master suite. Mother stays in there now since Grandmother passed away. She said she got all new furniture to decorate the room with.

It is really a lovely place to live, and the sound of the ocean is so relaxing. My room is on the second floor, in the room my mother used to stay in. The second story is actually two bedrooms one full bath and a library/study. One of the bedrooms is for my room, and the second is a play room, with all my toys in it.

While I was at school one day, Mother answered a knock at the door and there stood my father. He told my mother that he had come to apologize for his outstanding behavior and attempt to build a relationship with her and I. He would try the family route.

When I got home from school, Mother told me that Ameen (my father) had come, and he had gone out to find a job. he was going to stay with us for a while. This was kind of sudden to me, but then I had only met him once and did not have a very good impression of him that time. He did not even seem to care that I existed when we visited him in Egypt. Maybe he changed his mind? As usual, since he was still out searching for jobs, I sat and did my homework so i could stay on the honor roll. While I did that, Mother brought down a special present for me, something my father brought with him. He had gotten me a little stove to cook cupcakes and cookies in. That was a very nice gesture, maybe he had changed his mind about having a family.

While I waited for my father to get back I tried out that little stove. It was so fun to bake! Pretty soon I was baking everything that I could, for hours I stood there making cookies, brownies, and cupcakes too.
I even sold some of my wares that evening at the city park. My uncle Brayden came up and talked to me for a little bit. He asked if my mother had reached her goal of becoming that movie composer she always wanted to be. I said she did and she was very happy about it.
He bought some brownies and went back to his home. It was also time for me to go back home too, curfew rules.

When I got home, Mother told me it was time for bed. She said she was sorry, and knew I wanted to wait up for Ameen but tomorrow was a school day, and she did not know when he would be back. She went upstairs with me, to tuck me in. While she was putting me to bed, she asked me if I would have a problem with my father staying with us. I told her I did not have a problem with it, as long as she was happy.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

On the way home

Mother said yes!
We have stopped off in Egypt, but we will only be staying for one day. That is fine though, I just want to come here to meet my father. So I will have plenty of time to do that. *
On my way out, I ran into a bunch of butterflies, they were so pretty. One of them landed right on my finger and brushed my cheek with its wings. It tickled, and made me smile.
I am so happy to finally meet my father. Mother has not told me much about him in the past, she said she just did not want to talk about it. Before I left I asked her what I should expect, and she said "Let it be a surprise, I want you to learn about him on your own." She did tell me that he worked in the market, and I would probably find him there. So off I go.
So I would be able to find him, Mother described to me what my father looked like, and that his name was Ameen. It only took a few minutes for me to locate him, and I introduced my self. At first I did not tell him that I was his daughter, and just tried to get to know him as a person, no influence. We talked well into the afternoon, he taught me a song "Under the Hot Desert Sun", and he also told me a few stories. One story that he told me involved a beautiful woman that came to him in a dream, and he fell in love with her. With the way he told that story, I realized that he was talking of my mother.
I figured this was as good of an opening as ever to tell him the truth.
Maybe I was wrong.
As I was talking, his attitude slowly changed as he listened to me. When I got to the part of me being a creation of their love, his demeanor totally changed and he got pretty upset. He told me he was never advised of my birth, and he was happy he was never told. He never wanted children and doesn't know how to handle this. Ameen said he had to go back to work and promptly stormed off back to his register.
I was pretty taken aback by his reaction, and although I did not cry, I was thoroughly upset. I ran back to camp to tell my mother everything that happened, and all he had said. She took me in her arms and held me for the rest of the night. It seems like for some reason she knew this would happen. *
I had the worst night sleep ever that night, and was thankful we were leaving in the morning, I did not want to stay.

The plane is leaving at 6 am. Mother and I got up at 4:30 so we would have plenty of time to take showers and eat before our flight. Our trip back home was pretty quiet, and seemed like it took forever.

Visit to China

Now that I am old enough to be on a plane, mother is going to take me traveling. She said she had always wanted to visit China so that is where we would go. I am excited to see a new place. We just arrived and another tourist snapped a picture of us. I actually got a little 'airsick' on the plane, and was still slightly uncomfortable when we got there, Mother was a little worried. That feeling is going away quickly as I see how beautiful this place is!
Mother bought me a really nice camera before we left home so I could take lots of pictures. I got a good snapshot of the whole city from the window of the plane as we were coming in to land. Look at the rolling hills, and the beautiful colors of the trees! Right away I can say I am impressed, I never want to leave..
* I have permission to go off and explore a little, as long as I do not go into any tombs or anything like that. So I'll leave Mother here to practice her Martial Arts while I take a look around. Someday I might learn the arts as well, but for now.... I am to excited to learn anything, I just want to go on an adventure. *
I rented a bike so I would not have to walk everywhere. That was a good investment. I think I'll just ride around, and see where I end up.
Look at this place, it is so nice. I think I'll chill here for a few minutes, relax a little before heading off again. My legs do hurt a little, I am not used to riding yet.There is a bench up there... that looks like a nice place to sit.
Okay enough relaxing, time to see what else I can find. Before I go though, I would like to take a picture or two of the market in the Lost City! I met a little boy there just my age and we hit it off pretty well. I ended up playing tag and catch with him for a few hours! We will only be here a couple days though, so I better get back to exploring.
Riding my bike again I ran straight into some cute little butterflies, and decided to stop and check them out. I had never seen butterflies like these before. As soon as I got off the bike, two came right up to me, one landing on my hand! It was so neat. They seem to be pretty friendly. *
By the time I had played in the Lost City with that little boy, and danced with the butterflies, it was getting pretty dark. As mother suggested I do, I met her back at 'home base' before night fell. She said to think of it as home because we would be sleeping, and doing our morning things there. So, we had some ice cream, played chess for about an hour and went to bed. I was so filled with new experiences and happy about being in a different place though, and I did not sleep very soundly. Still, I woke up just as excited as ever, and ready to set off again. This was our last day here, so I had to see what was left to see.
This is the Temple of Heaven. It's a really big place, compared to my little self! I can't forget to take a lot of pictures. Some of them do not turn out right (hey I am new at this photography stuff), but some are just perfect. I will probably hang a few on my wall at home.
Going in one of the little buildings, I got really excited when there was a long hallway... and a door at the end. That door was just beckoning for me to enter it! Mother said though, that I could not go in any places like this yet. Not until I was a little older. She is not the adventuring type, so she probably will not want to take me down there. Mother comes to other places to mingle and learn things.
Back on the bike, and taking half a day (so it seemed) to get to the top of this hill and path, I see the Terracotta Army! What a sight to see, it's pretty cool. I have to take a few good pictures of this too!
The rest of the afternoon and some of the evening I just went around taking pictures of things. Every once in a while I would run into some more butterflies, and I would play with them for a while. I did go back to the market to see if that boy was there again, but could never find him. I told mother of all my adventures, and she listened. I asked her why she did not want to explore very much, she told me she had always been afraid of getting lost, so she never strays far from other people. She new I would enjoy going around though because of how adventurous I am.
While I was talking to her about it, I decided then and there that this is what I wanted to do my whole life. I want to visit all the places possible, France, Egypt, and China... and see everything I can! That will be my lifetime wish. I also thought that being in the photography career might go pretty well with the traveling. So that is what I will do.
Mother says we are leaving in the morning. I had such a good time! I can not wait to come back. While she was talking to me about going home, I asked her for a big favor. I have never met my father, and I know he is in Egypt... maybe we can stop there on the way home? We will consider it a 3 day layover in our flight plan.
Please mother???

Growing up is easy

It has only been a week since Grandmother passed. Even though that is still fresh in our minds, Mother is calling to set up a birthday party for me. She says it might help to move on. Actually she wants to have a get together with family and friends for all of us, then just her and I are going to come home to celebrate my birthday. That sounds just fine to me.
Mother prepares the hot dogs to take to the party with us. She said we will be having the party at the local pool, and that does not have a grill available. Even though I will not be able to swim, it sounds like fun, and I can not wait to meet more family members.
We arrive at the party, and before everyone eats they all take a swim. Boy does that look like fun. I can't wait to grow up just a little more so I can swim too.
Mother even had contests with others to see who can hold their breath the longest! Wow. She always won, she is a very fit woman.
My mother told me she went to the restroom at one point during this party and she happened to notice Aunt Ayla getting sick. Mother has become pretty dramatic about things since Grandmother passed on, so naturally she is really worried.
A little while later, Aunt Ayla came to explain to my mother. Originally she thought it was some bad food from the local cafe' but soon discovered, after a doctors visit, that she was 'with child'. She told me that meant that I was going to have a cousin. Aunt Ayla already has one child, her name is Caitlyn. We do not see each other very often, I guess Mother and Aunt Ayla do not get along well.
Since Grandmother passed away, Mother has become more neurotic. She checks the stove to make sure it is off, anytime she is about to bring me into the kitchen. We are about to come in and have our little birthday celebration, so she has left me in the living room while she makes sure everything is safe.
Mother brings me to the cake, and promises she will help me blow out my candles. She tells me that I need to make a wish, which means I should ask for something I really want. Mother also says if I tell my wish, it will not come true.
So I make my wish and blow out my candles. There are only two, but I am older than that. I am turning into a child!
Wow, the view is so much different from up here. Now I can do a lot of things I could not before... like swimming! Mother and I talked about growing up, and she says there are a lot of responsibilities that come along with it, like going to school. School sounds fun, there are other kids my age there!
Mother showed me to my room, which is brand-new. She says that big girls need a new bedroom set. She got me one in my favorite color, green. I love this room. My room has its own bathroom adjoining it, and also just next door is my own play room, to put all my toys in. I also got a dollhouse for my birthday.
Growing up is easy,
learning new things is fun.
Although I wish I had a baby sister,
maybe Mother will have another one.

Grandmothers time

My grandmother went on a job, she is top of the career in investigation. She absolutely loves that job. She has actually just bought a van and painted it camouflage to blend in better. We got a call from the police department while she was working, and we were informed that she passed away. Mother isn't sure how to break it to me I guess, but she tells me that Grandmother will not be coming home, and she is in a better place.
The police informed my mother that Grandmother pleaded her life be spared to see her grand baby grow. She was denied her request but told that she could watch over her children and grandchild. So she reluctantly went with death.
My grandmother was a town hero 3 times over, so she has a highly decorated stone to represent her. It will actually be kept here at the police department as a reminder of this wonderful lady. It seems like she was not just a hero to me, but to everyone. May she rest in peace.
* I will miss you Grandmother,
your sweet kisses, and happy tales.
Compared to your snuggles,
everything else pales.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Toddler time

It is my birthday today! That's right, turning the big ONE ! I am getting a lot bigger, and mother can not hold me down anymore! We are having my birthday party at the city park, and inviting mothers 2 brothers and 2 sisters to come along. Of course grandmother is going to be there, and some of mothers friends.
Although I do not care who shows up, all I want is that cake!
Here I am! Toddler time has come, now I can crawl around and get into things. Many toys need to be played with, and puddles needing to be adequately splashed in. Maybe even some toilets to check out.
I guess there are also some lessons to be learned as well. Mother is teaching me how to walk. She has told me that walking is very important. "If you do not know how to walk, you can never approach your future", she says.
I think this is my favorite thing to learn... eating! This stuff is so yummy, most of the time mother makes me oatmeal. Apple cinnamon is the best flavor, and I would say maple flavor is second. I also loves when she serves spaghetti! It is so fun to make a big mess.
Grandmother and Mother bought me a few toys for my birthday a few weeks ago, my best toy ever is this yellow car. I will always play with this one first. Although I love to play with my blocks as well, and construct things. Mother says I am eccentric... whatever that means. I put all my toys back where I got them when I am done playing. That is probably because Mother passed down her neat trait to me, she always says, "A clean house is the best house, you can't beat it."
Another thing to learn at this age... how to use the big girl potty. This is actually kind of easy, it's just getting control that is the hard part. I can sit here and do my business, but my question is how do I learn when to do this? Mother tells me that 'business' in a diaper is dirty, and since I like to be clean, I better pick up on this quick huh?
Toddler life is fun, a lot of things to do,
Mother says to treasure it, because it will pass by soon.
I am not sure if she is trying to convince me or herself though,
she gets a dreamy look when she sees me sometimes,
and a silly little smile.
She is wonderful, this mother of mine.

I was born

So the day came when I was born and named Amelia. This was a very happy occasion for mother and grandmother, they anxiously anticipated my arrival and let out a sigh of relief when the delivery went well.
Not much happens in the life of an infant, but I will gladly share my favorite things as I learn and grow!
Mother loves to play with me whenever she can. She has a little while off of work as a new mother, but she does still work from home. Grandmother is also at home to help as well. Mother could tell right away, as I was pretty eager to do things, that I was adventurous from the start.
Being so into music, my mother has written me a special song . She plays it for me everyday, I really enjoy listening to her play and sing. Mother does not give herself as much credit as she deserves and whenever I smile and giggle at her playing, she just tells me that I am easily impressed.
This is grandmother and I. She cuddles me everyday, and she seems so warm and comforting. Grandmother talks to me often and tells me stories from her youth. She seems to be a very happy woman.
Every night before bed, mother gives me my night time meal in my room, and snuggles me for a while. Then she sings me one last song, a sweet little lullaby to help me fall asleep. It works everytime.
* This is how my life goes, as happy as an infant could ever be. No reason to cry, ever, in this family.