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Chapter 12 and Poll

Chapter 12

Following Nahini, I walked through the woods. She was younger than I, and I had a difficult time keeping up some of the way, but I managed. When we arrived at the village I was greeted again by Rarahu, Chief's personal guard.

"Chief would like you to get a real feel for our village, and it's inhabitants before he speaks with you personally." Rarahu said. "Uhm, okay." Hesitantly I agreed and got the names of four more apparently single villagers. Rarahu was kind enough to point them out to me, but then left my side. I went in search of my soon to be new acquaintances.
Rainui was the first I met. She was a very built woman and actually was slightly intimidating to me. She offered me a gift of food, and we chatted until just after dark. "You look strong, but you could do better." Rainui told me. "The body draws strength from the mind and heart as well as muscle. I will work all three until you beg for mercy and rest. Though I do think you will enjoy my training." I couldn't be positive, but it sounded to me like she was referring to something other than actual exercise. I bid her farewell and went to find another new friend.

I met Tumata second. She also gifted me some food. I was beginning to think the Islanders found me too skinny. Or maybe they just know how valuable food can be. "I have heard others talk about you," Tumata began, "but seeing you... makes butterflies dance in my stomach. I have been waiting a long time for the right person. I am done waiting. Who is to say what is right anyway?" I was getting used to these kind of responses, but sometimes they still threw me for a loop. I guessed gender did not matter to these people. I though, would always prefer the opposite sex. I agreed with her statement, and told her it should not be long. "The moment you give up on searching for something is the moment you will find it, Tumata. Have faith." I said as I walked away. I hoped she did not think I meant myself. Originally I was going to try and meet all four villagers that night, but I was too bushed. I headed back home for the night and got some good sleep. The next morning I ate some breakfast with Waiata. He seemed really happy living with me, and spent time with me anytime I was around. Though he did wander off into the woods frequently. I asked him if he was visiting his other family, all he did was grunt in return but I think he found it interesting to hear me talk. After our shared breakfast I was back on my way to find the remaining islanders to meet.

Just as I got to the village I spotted Ahio. He seemed to be fishing but invited the interruption. "I spend many hours standing in this ocean, spear in hand, rarely do I have the fish to show for it." He told me. "It is funny how much time we can waste looking in the wrong place, for the wrong fish. When all along the right fish may be swimming directly to us. Only not to be noticed or caught." Then his look changed, stared at me in a way that made me catch my breath. "Am I to catch a fish today? Or go home empty handed.... again?" I was not sure how to respond to him really. I made the most awkward comment of all "Uh... just.. keep, uh, casting that line out there buddy." I patted his shoulder. "You'll get something." I looked back as I walked off, and thought I saw him touching his skin where my hand had been, with a hopeful look on his face.

I found Akolo being groomed by and Orangutan. When I got close enough, I noted that it was Tiki he was with. She seemed not to recognize me as I approached and she left. I greeted Akolo and he seemed happy to see me. I wondered what he had in store to say as he offered his gift of random resources. "I have had many girlfriends... but none with beauty like that of a full eclipse - - completely binding." Akolo said, and I blushed. "With my reputation and your looks, our nights would not be boring." He looked at me adoringly and said, "If I had a jar of light I would keep it by my bed to remind me of you." Just about as awkward as I was with Ahio, I told him, "I'll, uh, keep an eye out for something, yeah, for something like that. Thanks for the gift." I turned to leave but was greeted by Rarahu again. "Chief Manave will see you now." That was all he said. Then he walked toward the center of the village. Akolo looked highly upset to see me leave, but I was being summoned. I followed Rarahu. I was beginning to want to get out of this village anyway, the feelings here were coming on pretty strong. I needed a hormonal break.

"Welcome. I am Chief Fanglaloka. Thank you for the life of my daughter." The Chief said. At first I had really worried what he would be like, but this old man seemed the nicest - and least interested in me - person I had met yet. "This is the Volcano Festival. Please, I ask you to be my honored guest. Follow me to the Festival site, it is nearly prepared." I did as he requested and followed him onto another path leading through the jungle. For an old guy, he was surprisingly fast. While we walked my mind kind of wandered a little bit. I said to myself, 'Imagine that, me, Citryne, an honored guest at the Volcano Festival!' Then another thought came... 'I hope by "honored guest" they do not mean "human sacrifice." My step faltered as this entered my head, but I quickly regained my composure so as not to loose the Chief. They just would not be so friendly toward me if they intended on.... that. ... Right?

When we arrived at a beautiful and hilly area, he stopped in the middle. He turned to me. "These are the hot springs. Citryne, I am very glad you came - I have a gift for you." Chief Fanglaloka said. For a moment I got nervous. "This is how we communicate on the island. You are the first outsider to get one." He handed me a shell. A rather large one, but inside were some of the strangest things I had seen. It resembled a cell phone though. I figured that is what it was. I chuckled to myself and thought to call it my shell phone. The Chief continued, "It is tradition that the honored guest choose a date for the Festival. Call them with that. Choose anyone you have met in your journey to me." He placed his hand on my shoulder and stared at my face. "Choose wisely my dear, for it may be who you could spend the rest of your life with. ... How ever long that might be." Fear flickered through my eyes, then he laughed. "That was a little Native humor, fear not my dear. So who shall your date be?" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Poll ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Candidate Pictures ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ TIMOTI EMOBI


AKOLO ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I hope you enjoyed this chapter. Cast your votes soon, I would love to see who ends up being her date! Thanks for your participation, and I hope you like putting your choices into the story as much as I do.

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Writers Note

Just a side note here. There will be a poll on this story. Citryne will come to a decision she has to make and you (if you would like) can help her make that choice. I hope you participate, I know I will be placing my vote too! Thank you for following this story with me, I hope you have enjoyed it so far!

Chapters 10 & 11

*Chapter 10* ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The day after my unexpected party, I had plans to go cut some of that tall grass that Professor Rhinehart spoke about. Hopefully the Islander blocking that path would no longer be there, the Professor mentioned something about talking to the man. I cooked up a small fruit kabob snack and took a swim in the pond before heading out.

To be honest, when I got to those crossroads, I was happily surprised that Prof. Rhinehart had kept his word and gotten that islander to abandon his post. As I walked down the 'forbidden' path, my mind began to wander. I thought of that islander and wondered how many people inhabited the island, and where they lived. I had not seen anyone else. Did they actually have houses, or just live in the trees? Just as I was beginning to picture wild people darting in and out of the forest, I came to the area with the reed grass. I did not want to waste too much time so I found the tallest sections of grass and started chopping some down. The reeds were very strong and would work well to weave a sail. Cutting that grass I wondered how tough it would be to weave. Suddenly I heard a scream and some barking.

I turned quickly, just in time to see some while dogs chasing a poor girl up a tree. She was going to be their meal! I couldn't stand for that. I thought quick. So as to not turn their attention toward me that much I ran amongst them and waved a few of the bones that I had collected earlier in their faces, then threw them as far away as I could. It worked. The dogs ran after the bait. I let out my breath and looked up at the girl.

For just a moment, I was surprised to see that she was and islander. The shock wore off very quickly though. I was starting to get used to the unexpected happenings of this island. I looked up the tree and advised her that it was safe, that she could come down. She understood me, so I could tell they spoke the same language as I. "Thank you! You have saved my life, I am grateful." The little girl began. "I am called Nanihi, daughter of the Chief. My father would never allow strangers to our village, but you must come. I am sure he would like to repay you for giving him the life of his daughter. Please follow me."
She hardly gave me time to speak for myself, but that was okay. I was unsure of what to say exactly. What do you say to someone you saved from being eaten by ravenous dogs? "Wow that was a close one."? When she bid me to follow her I hesitated for just a moment, remembering the hostility of the first islander I had encountered. Surely an invitation would merit better attitude though. I followed her to the path she disappeared into. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
*Chapter 11* ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Almost immediately I was greeted by a very dominant seeming male. Without hesitation he came up and spoke. "I am Rarahu, the Chief's personal guard. Word of your good deed has spread to our villagers. Before you meet the Chief, there are several single villagers that wish to meet and... reward you. Please come into the village market." "I'm Citryne, thank you for the invite." I was planning to tell him that I had some things to do, but he walked off. I assumed that I was to follow, so I did. As we walked into the market, four people were pointed out to me. I was told to speak with them. I sighed internally - thinking of the work I had left to do - then realized that the sun had gone down, so I wouldn't have been able to do it anyway. The first person I met was called Orama. She seemed a sweet girl, she gave me a gift of salt and various seasonings, then said to me "Life is to be lived in the here and now. Love is for those in front of you, not the invisible idea of someone to come." The way she said it made my look twice at her. Was she hitting on me? She smiled at me one more time before walking away. The second villager was Timoti. The moment he saw me he smiled and said "I had a dream about you, you came here and we broke some village taboos." At the end of his sentence he gave me a wink, and stepped a little closer to me. He then told me he had a gift for me too, and gave me some food. These villagers seemed very... lonely. Briefly I wondered how long they had lived on this island. I then realized how tired I was, not wanting to be rude, I excused myself. I had not been invited to stay the night so I left for my home.

That night I slept like a rock. The sun was very high in the sky before my eyes even creaked open. I woke up starving, and couldn't remember the last time I ate. Even though the villagers had given me some food the night before, I was hungering for some fish to cook on an open fire. I still had not perfected my casting skill, and fell on my bottom first try. To myself, I gave the excuse that I was still tired. After only a few minutes I caught a nice sized fish, wrapped it in a leaf and set it to cook on the fire I had started. The seasonings that Orama had given me were wonderful on that fish. I really enjoyed my breakfast that morning.
Pretty soon I was back at the village introducing myself to the other two islanders I was supposed to meet. The third person I met was Emobi, he greeted me and said "I asked the volcano for someone new to hunt with, and then you showed up. That is a great omen. You can call me friend, or boyfriend if you wish." After that he walked away. What is it with these people? This is definitely a village of love. I met Kiri by a small pond. She gave me a gift of some more food, she also smiled at me in the odd way that Orama did. "My love is like a fire, a strong wind can extinguish it or a soft whisper can kindle it until it rages out of control." She said. "Can y ou stoke the smoldering embers in Kiri into a roaring flame?" I was not sure if she really expected an answer, so I just looked at her for a second. I was just about to say something when Nanihi ran up and gave me a hug. I was very thankful for the distraction. Kiri sat down on the sand and looked up a the clouds with the most dreamy expression. Nanihi told me that her mother was coming to see me.

Coming to see me might have been an understatement. As soon as she walked up I started to speak, "My name Ci.." but I was interrupted with the oddest hug. She hugged me as if we were lovers and had not seen each other for days. The first thought that went through my head is what friendly people these were, for lack of a better term. "My name is Huhana, I am Nahini's mother. I owe you everything for the return of my daughter." She said. "It really was no trouble." I said. Hunhana smiled at me. "How did you come to be on our island?" She inquired. "We are blessed to have you here." I told her of my ship, and being washed ashore, though I left out the fact that I was not the only one. Even though I disliked the other passengers I feared what might happen if the villagers knew of them. Huhana asked me what my plans were now that I was here. "What are you to do?" "I plan on building a raft and sailing away." I admitted. "Why do you wish to leave this place?" I thought to myself for a moment that she was just chock full of questions. That was okay though I did not mind. "I have to find myself, and find out who I was." Huhana nodded. "Nahini saw you cutting grass, is that for your raft?" "Yes, I was planning to weave a sail with it. What I have would not work well as it has too many holes in it."

"I owe you for the life of my child, I shall weave that sail for you and bring it to you once it is complete. It is one small thing that I may do to repay you for your bravery." Huhana said, she kissed my cheek and walked off to start the sail.

I stood for just a moment, my mind racing through what had just occured. Nahini then came to me and asked me to come with her. I did. She brought me to the entrance of another path and asked me to wait while she ran to get her father. I did as I was told and stood in that spot. With all the experiences I have had over the past day, I wondered and worried how her father would wish to thank me. I was sure there was nothing to fear, but I was still slightly nervous.