Saturday, December 4, 2010

Chapter 2: I Will Survive

When I woke the next morning, it was still raining so I sat under my tarp to keep dry. I listened to the sound of the rain, for a little while and looked around my camp. I noticed that a few things were out of place, someone had been here in the night. Apparently I had slept so hard I did not hear.
My chest had been emptied of the food that I had collected, and the tree had been ravaged as well. There was no food here for me to eat this morning. Also it seemed that some debris had washed ashore while I was asleep. Debris not from the ship, but from the island. The rain stopped and I got up. This place was a mess, it was time to clean it up.
Looking around I spotted a good are to make a trash pit. I dug a hole with my bare hands and readied it to be my trash bin. After the pit was done, I went around and collected all of the garbage. Most of it was rotten food. As I cleaned up, I wondered who could have done it. Why would they not have woken me up? Maybe they tried and failed.
My mind still wandering I put all the trash I had collected in the pit and set fire to it. I figured burning it would be the best way to keep the stench away and the piles down. Glancing at my hands, I realized I was dirty again. I changed into that bathing suit that was in the trunk and went for a swim. While I was swimming, and bathing, I notice a whole lot of fish. This seemed to be an excellent fishing spot. Though I had no twine or string to fashion a fishing pole of any kind, I did have wood. Thinking about fishing then made me realize how hungry I was. Coconut may satisfy temporarily, but does not stay with you long. I had not eaten since the previous afternoon. Quickly I got out and made a spear, using a rock to sharpen the end. Maybe it was my hunger getting to me, but I was pretty impatient to catch something. I missed quite often and had to scream out my frustration at one point. I was thankful no one was around to hear. Finally though, after multiple misses, I speared a fish. It was a pretty small one, but big enough of a meal for just me. I started the fire at my encampment, and used my hatched to remove the parts of the fish I wouldn't eat. Then wrapped it in a fresh green leaf. Placed on the side of the fire, on a couple hot coals the fish cooked in the leaf. I have to say it wasn't the best meal I had ever eaten, but it was better than a coconut. After my fishy breakfast I tried to think of something else to do. I looked up and saw the debris that had washed up overnight and went to clean it up too.
The wood closer to the shore looked like tree trunks. I approached and separated them, so they would be easier to move. When I split them up though, I had to pause and look. That could be the base of a raft. If I could find a way to build a raft, I could sail away from here! No need to wait for rescue, I could rescue myself. Now I just needed something to make the rest of the base.
I went to examine the other pile of wood that had washed up. It was all thick and sturdy bamboo shoots. Really big ones. They would be perfect. There happened to be enough to fit the length of the tree trunks. Unfortunately there were no extras left after laying them out. The raft needed to be at least this big though, so it would be sturdy enough for me and the supplies I would need. So I could not remove any of them. I would just have to find something else to use as a mast. Also I would need some kind of lashing to be able to hold everything together. Maybe the beach held other secrets or usable items?
For the remainder of the afternoon I combed through the beach sand looking for something, anything really to help me. I did find something of use, but nothing for the raft. At one point I found a machete. I could use that to cut up my fish better than that hatchet. The horizon was showing signs of a setting sun, it had gotten pretty late. I would have to resume my raft construction in the morning. Now, I had to fish me some dinner. Needless to say, I am nowhere near a professional at this. I think the fish even knew it. A beautiful big cod swam by my leg at one point and I took a good jab at it. Unfortunately I hit my own foot. That really hurt. I let out a yell so loud, I knew if anyone else was on this island, they would have heard me. In pain but still hungry, I fished some more. The saltwater helped my wound feel better anyway.
Finally I stabbed one, a good sized one too. It is a good thing it was so big, raft making can really work up an appetite. I was starving. Though there were no seasonings as of yet to use on my fish, I cooked it in the same manner as my breakfast. This was a different fish though, and actually did hold a different flavor. Full from a big dinner, and exhausted from the activities of the day, I collapsed in my lean-to and wondered what adventures tomorrow would bring. Thinking about what to do I fell asleep.

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  1. Beautiful pictures and I love the music you have added :)

    Citryne is so resourceful.(If I'd been in the same situation even when I was young, fuhgeddaboudit! lol)