Monday, December 13, 2010

Chapters 8 & 9

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Chapter 8: A Class Act
Early morning I went back to that crossroads I had discovered. When I arrived that Islander was still there, and still yelling at me to leave. I left, but I took the other path available. I came upon a bone yard of sorts, and an old man.

The moment he saw me he looked shocked. "Your not from our group, and your not a villager, where did you come from?" He asked.

"I am a survivor from The Solomon Queen, same as you.I just washed up on a different shore." I introduced myself, and he told me his name was Professor Winford Rhinehart.
"I was shocked to find your people on that beach yesterday, but more so I was surprised you guys had not started building a raft, and had not food stored up." I told him. "How have you survived this long?" "You have started a raft then? Where is it? Are you far along?" Professor Rhinehart questioned. "I have collected food for that group. They eat it so quickly we have not been able to store anything. Where is this raft of yours?" He seemed a little pushy about the raft, and when I started to think about it, as nice as it would be to help everyone off the island that raft would not fit everyone. "It is on my beach, but it isn't done yet. I still need a mast for it though I have a sail."
"OH follow me I think I know just the thing for you." He went through the path that lead to the crossroads, and I followed. Prof. Rhinehart pointed out a fallen torch and asked if that would work. I got pretty excited at the sight of it, and told him it would definitely work. The only problem was it was next to the path guarded by the Jaguar, and that Islander was still yelling at me to go away. "I will take care of him, I have studied these type of people for most of my life. I think I could help. Besides that they have seen me around a lot." Prof. Rhinehart went off toward the other man to talk to him. I turned my attention to that fallen torch.

Maybe if I could skirt around to the far side of it? I have had my fill of getting attacked by an animal because I was too close. I started to walk over to that path and to the other side of the torch. The Jaguar followed me with his eyes, and would turn his body toward me to keep a clear view.

My plan worked. I got to the far side and picked up the torch. The jaguar did not care, so long as I did not get closer to him. After acquiring my treasure I slowly backed up to a nearby rock. I almost ran into Rhinehart. He said that I seemed to have some experience with skirting danger, and asked if I had gotten into some trouble here on the island. I chuckled slightly and admitted I had been in a pinch before. We stood for a moment and talked. He advised me to steer clear of the islanders' village, that they don't take kindly to strangers.
"What kind of sail have you got?" He asked. I told him of my holey tarp and that I planned on using that. "Well that won't work at all!" He insisted. "You won't get anywhere with a holey sail. The wind will just go right through. You know right through that other path is an area filled with strong tall grasses. The Islanders use this grass to make things, maybe you could weave a sail." "That's a great idea Professor, thank you. I think I will get some. Right now though, I want to go place this mast on my raft and get back to my camp to eat." He agreed that would be a good idea and was going to do the same with his group. He had food to bring them. We said goodbye and parted ways.

On my way back through the paths, being the gather that I was, I stopped to collect some of the hard bones in that bone yard. I could always burn them if I find no other use for them. After getting quite a few I went back to my beach. I made it in good time and still had plenty of daylight left to work. Placing the mast did not take long. I propped it up in it's place and tied it down. Standing back to look at it I gave it a good thumbs up and said "You'll do just perfectly." Just as I said that I heard a very familiar sound.

Professor Rhinehart had found my beach. I thought to myself that he had followed me here, but that was just a hunch. I did not know that for sure. He walked up to me and said that the raft was great, it would probably be perfect for leaving the island. He told me that after he brought the food to his people he explored to see if he could find the beach that I had washed up on. Obviously he did, but I still was not sure about him. Prof. Rhinehart then said he was going to go back to his people, picking up some more food on the way. He reminded me again about the tall grass area, and said it would probably work wonderfully for weaving a sail. He left. I stood for a moment, not trusting the old man. Then I shrugged and went back home. When I arrived I was greeted with the sound of people. I looked up to see the other survivors. They had invaded my home! Waiata did not seem to like the group and was ducking inside. I stood there very surprised, wondering how they got here. It had to have been the professor. He is the only one that would brave exploring, not these fools. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Chapter 9: You Got Served
I approached the other survivors on quick feet. "How did you find me, get out. Please go, this is my home!" I realized then that I really did not want these people here, and I had grown very fond of my home, and my silence. The others did not hear my pleas. They were cheering for me, all yelling what a beautiful place this was and how lucky I was to have found it. They were making far to much noise to care about what I was saying. Suddenly the Professor came up behind me. He said "Be careful what you say, we may need them later." Then he also told me that they followed him here. He had not meant to cross here, and did not know that I had taken up residence. I really was starting to dislike this man. I think he knew, and did it on purpose.
I took a good long look around. These people were annoying me and Waiata. I knew though, just by looking at them, that they were not going to go anywhere until their curiosity was satisfied.
I had found a big pot in my house when I moved in, and got it out. Filled it with water and bits of fish, even some clams that I had found. It was going to be a clam-fish stew. I made enough for everyone, and plenty to spare. All the survivors just seemed like they expected it. They were very ungrateful. I sat with the professor and talked with him while we ate. He really did not do much to improve the relationship between us. He seemed so suspicious all the time. Waiata had come out of hiding once he saw me outside, but he still did not approve of the visitors. He chased them around and tried to intimidate them. I noticed then, that even after eating, they were still here. Maybe if I talked to them the would leave? I did just that. I chatted with each person and specifically said "It was nice to see you, goodbye." They all left after I spoke with them. Except the professor. I had to talk to him again. He did apologize for the intrusion, but did not seem to sincere. He also thanked me for the lovely dinner. It was better than anything he had served. Prof. Rhinehart continued to babble. I deliberately yawned in his face and said I was tired. I think he got the hint, because he shook my hand and thanked me again, then left. I let out a big sigh of relief. The feelings I had about these survivors surprised even me. I did not like them. I guess any normal person would have been happy to find someone else on the island. Not me, they were annoying. I would prefer to be left alone. I guess I had gotten used to it already. Those people had left a big mess. I walked around and picked up all the trash, placed it in the pit and set fire to it. What rude house guests, uninvited house guests. They did not even clean up their own mess. I was better off without other people. It was time for bed, but I was headed out the next day for that tall grass the Professor mentioned. He might be an annoying, backstabbing man, but he seemed helpful enough. Maybe that was part of his ploy.

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  1. Man, I do not like those people either! They act like she's their servant. I'd like to see them on a different island all by themselves, no old man to get their food for them nor anyone like Citryne around. They wouldn't last more than a couple days, tops! Great update :D