Monday, August 23, 2010

I am so sorry to announce, for some strange reason... all my pictures of Amelia's story have disappeared from my computer. Her story will no longer be continued. BUT let me tell you what happened.
Amelia met Yves in France and fell in love with him as you saw. She got home and the next day invited him to visit, and he came at 9am the following morning. She decided she wanted him in her life everyday and proposed, they were engaged. Instead of me waiting a while and re-inviting him from France, I set up the wedding right then. They had a wedding party, no one showed up. But it was very beautiful.
Amelia's mother died, which caused her to rethink her life. She was so devastated by the loss of her mother, she decided to have children, she wanted family near her. Amelia changed her life time wish to be surrounded by family and raise 5 babies to teens.
Two days after marriage with a honeymoon to china, and the death of her mother in between, Amelia and Yves conceived. They had twin boys whom they named Bryce and Dillon.
You might or might not remember that her home was only one master bedroom and a small room that could be converted into a bedroom. They did that, but it was still to small for two babies.
Lets just say a slip of the birth control caused Amelia to be pregnant again. She delivered 3 girls named, Lynette, Melodie, and Jenna.
With 5 kids and two adults in a two bedroom house, they converted the basement into a kids room. 5 cribs, and lots of toys. Also 5 highchairs. All children grew up well and learned all things needed. Potty training, walking and talking.
The 5 babies grew up to childhood before I lost all of my pictures.
Just to let you know, this blog will not be removed. This will be my short story blog. All sims stories featured here will be the stories of random sims on the short lifespan. Each story will probably be about 10-15 chapters. (maybe lol) Each sim will have completely random traits and lifetime wishes. Their story will follow their LTW. I am not going to promise completion of the lifetime wish, but it will definitely be attempted. Most of the sims will be created by me, but as said above random traits and LTW.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

France, and Yves

I went to France for 8 days. Boy did I get a surprise during my visit.
First I explored some places, and found a skeleton its home in the graveyard. I did a few odd and end jobs for other people, too.
I opened treasure chests with keys. This was a family tomb, and one of the family members was missing from his rightful place. So I returned his ashes to where they needed to go.
I also met this man in the market on my second day visiting. Even though he could use a haircut, I just couldn't keep my eyes off of him.
I asked him if he was married, or seeing anyone. When he said he was available, nothing would stop me. I dove right into flirting with him, and pretty soon kissed him right on the lips. Thankfully he kissed back. He flirted back with me, and hit on my plenty. Used some cheesy pick up lines, but hey... they worked I guess.
His name is Yves.
Yves and I hit it off so well, he invited me to his home.
He had a very nice place! We stood in the kitchen chatting for a while, and flirting. He whispered in my ear things he would like for us to do together. I have to say he was very convincing. I have never ignored a phone call in my life, but one came in while he was putting his moves on my, and I never answered. and then...
After our tumble in the sheets, he told me that he really adored me, and stroked my cheek. Then I told him I had to leave. Things to do and places to go, but I would be back. I did some jobs around, like "jogging for the neighborhood." Apparently people in France have given up on being fit. I also harvested some grapes for a local nectar maker.
That night, I went back to his house, and we had lots of fun. Talking, flirting, kissing, bedding. We stayed up so late that we ended up sleeping until noon the next day. Yves got up first, so he snuck out and made us some sandwiches with his special touch. Yves is a natural cook.
I actually quickly realized that I really liked him. I even told neighbors and other locals that I was attracted to Yves. Even his roommate. His roommate brought up kids. I told him I hadn't planned on kids and actually probably will not have any. Especially with Yves, he lived to far away to be a father of children with me.

After a few more jobs that day, it was really late again. I thought about going back to base camp, but didn't want to stay anywhere but with Yves. So I headed back to his place, luckily he was still up. When Yves answered the door, he told me he had been hoping I would show up. That night we fell asleep, after a quick tumble. All I dreamt about was Yves. I woke up first the next morning and surprised Yves with some breakfast. Although I am not a natural cook, I'm not to bad in the kitchen. I even did the dishes after we ate. We spent the rest of that day together, doing what we did best... everything.

That night I even dreamt of marrying Yves, but that was never going to happen. The next day was going to be my last day, and I planned to spend that with him. It was a great fling, and a lot of good times... really good times. But it was time for me to leave.

That morning Yves told me that he had fallen in love with me, and wanted me to be his girlfriend. Unfortunately I had to turn him down, I mean I live a whole country away, it was the right thing to do .... right?
He said he completely understood, but also wanted me to know that he loved me dearly and would never love anyone else. He hugged me and kissed me passionately to say goodbye. He even took me to the airport to see me off.
As I was taking off, it seemed to me that I had spent most of that trip in between the sheets.. with Yves.
I got home late evening, but had enough time to put all my new relics and treasures away before turning in. Also I put up this new nectar rack I bought, and filled it with some bottles I had collected. I was pretty tired from my flight, so went to bed. All night I dreamt of Yves, kisses, love, rings, and weddings. I dreamt of marrying Yves. Never gonna happen.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I took a trip to china, for about 6 days. Had a lot of fun, exploring catacombs and tombs. Did some jobs for people, and earned more visa points. Collected relics and pieces of things, maybe I can reconstruct them one day. I was more than ready to leave at the end of the trip though, I had gotten pretty homesick for my new home.
Soon after I got home from my trip, I got a call from my cousin to come visit. I gladly accepted their offer and went right over. They have a nice big house! It is right in front of a public pool, and they can take advantage of that anytime. Sometimes I think about putting a pool in my yard, that would be fun.
From left to right : DeanDre, Ayla, Caitlyn and Zebulon
I stayed for a while, talking and telling stories of my adventures. Ayla is my mothers sister. She is quite shocked to hear that I turned out to be so adventurous, coming from a down to earth family oriented family. She told me it was in my blood to want a big family. But Egypt was in my blood too, my father was Egyptian, maybe that is why I want to travel. Before going home, I saw a few people down by the pool that I knew. So I went to say hello. While I was down there I ran into my mother and her brother. The picture above on the left is of Brayden (mothers brother) and Mother. We do not see him very often, he is a loner and inventor. He stays in his shop most of the time.
Also before I went home, I stopped at the fire station, to see if Ameen (my father) was working. He was, so I chose to chat with him a little bit. He still did not seem to impressed with me, but was happy he didn't have to do any raising. I spend most of my days doing housework, and paying bills. Most of the nights are mine though, to myself. I tend to meditate, or just look out over the ocean and enjoy the scenery. I do take lots of pictures of everything around town. Being in the photography career is not very rewarding money wise, but it is fulfilling to see such beautiful things and take pictures of them. I have some followers of my work, who collect my photos.
Some of my day I dedicate to my Martial arts. I love this, it keeps me so focused. I feel a lot better after practicing, or just meditating.
The other evening I realized I did have enough pieces of a sarcophagus to put it together, so I did. It was just a plain one. I checked out the inside and made sure everything was stable. Then I noticed that it did not fit in my yard very well, it just looked out of place. So I got some contractors to build me a basement, and filled it with all my collected items from my travels. There is a ton of stuff here, and it is all probably worth a lot of money. Although I am in no need for money right now, I'll just keep it around to look at and for memories.
For some reason I think my life is about to change. Isn't that an odd feeling? I'm happy the way I am. Aren't I?