Sunday, August 8, 2010

Home again

I got back from my trip to china, just in time to get to school. It is a good thing I slept on the plane! Getting home from school, there was nothing more I wanted to do than play with my little brother. I missed him on my trip!
After I did my homework, I sat on the floor and played with Amon and his xylophone for hours. Mom read a book there in the living room with us. The next thing I knew it was getting pretty dark out, and I was pretty hungry. I picked up Amon and put him in his highchair so he could eat as well.
After dinner it was diaper changing then off to bed.
The next morning, before the sun was even up all the way, I got Amon out of his bed and brought him down to the kitchen. I gave him his breakfast cereal while I took a quick shower. After his breakfast we sat down together, and I tried working on his speech. He did very well! I even tried to teach him to relax and meditate, but he is too young for that!
Time to head to school, but today is Amons birthday. So after school we are going to have a little cake for him.
I brought a friend home with me to join in the celebration. Amon was so excited to see the candles lit on the cake. He also wanted to eat the icing before it was time! Mother held him and helped him blow out the candles, but I do not think they blew them out quick enough because...
The flames caught one of the decorations on the cake on fire, then caused the whole cake to burst into flames. Mother ran out of the house to put Amon in a safe place, while my friend and I panicked about the fire. The next thing we knew the whole counter was on fire.
Then it was catching the highchair!
Flames leapt of of the window
After about 15 minutes, I thought about it.. and the fire alarm had gone off, but there was still no fireman here! "The whole kitchen is going to burn down before they get here" I said, and I pulled out my phone to see what was going on. The operator informed me that a truck had been dispatched and was on its way.
The fireman did not get there for another 5 minutes. The counter, cake, highchair, and window were all reduced to ashes. All in all it was a pretty scary scene, but it was still Amons birthday...

He had to grow up anyway. My little brother is getting so big! As per family tradition, when you enter your child years, your birthday gift is your own bedroom set! He really liked his new furniture, and is definitely happy to be out of his crib.

Amons new room

That evening I did a little workout in the living room, and also some Martial Arts training outside for a while. It felt good to exercise and hone my skills a little bit. I also realized that tomorrow is Mothers birthday! I called right then to make reservations for her party the next day.

After a good nights rest, by early afternoon we were headed out for my mothers surprise party. I was shocked when she let me drive, of course... she did not know where we were going, so that might be the reason for that.

We got to her party just as most of the guests were showing up. She was very happy, and could not wait to blow out her candles and make her wish. As she did so, more and more guests came to wish her happy birthday.
Anyone up for a contest? Can you beat me?

When it was just about time to leave, Mother decided to grace us with a song. She thanked all the guests for coming, and said she was completely surprised.

When we got home, I asked her if she had a good party. She smiled so big and just hugged me, I think she was so happy she almost cried. I took that as a yes.

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  1. Awww! I hate when fires happen...they're so scary especially because usually the sims do nothing but freak out and the flames just get bigger. But I'm glad to see that both Amon and Momma enjoyed their bdays :)