Monday, August 23, 2010

I am so sorry to announce, for some strange reason... all my pictures of Amelia's story have disappeared from my computer. Her story will no longer be continued. BUT let me tell you what happened.
Amelia met Yves in France and fell in love with him as you saw. She got home and the next day invited him to visit, and he came at 9am the following morning. She decided she wanted him in her life everyday and proposed, they were engaged. Instead of me waiting a while and re-inviting him from France, I set up the wedding right then. They had a wedding party, no one showed up. But it was very beautiful.
Amelia's mother died, which caused her to rethink her life. She was so devastated by the loss of her mother, she decided to have children, she wanted family near her. Amelia changed her life time wish to be surrounded by family and raise 5 babies to teens.
Two days after marriage with a honeymoon to china, and the death of her mother in between, Amelia and Yves conceived. They had twin boys whom they named Bryce and Dillon.
You might or might not remember that her home was only one master bedroom and a small room that could be converted into a bedroom. They did that, but it was still to small for two babies.
Lets just say a slip of the birth control caused Amelia to be pregnant again. She delivered 3 girls named, Lynette, Melodie, and Jenna.
With 5 kids and two adults in a two bedroom house, they converted the basement into a kids room. 5 cribs, and lots of toys. Also 5 highchairs. All children grew up well and learned all things needed. Potty training, walking and talking.
The 5 babies grew up to childhood before I lost all of my pictures.
Just to let you know, this blog will not be removed. This will be my short story blog. All sims stories featured here will be the stories of random sims on the short lifespan. Each story will probably be about 10-15 chapters. (maybe lol) Each sim will have completely random traits and lifetime wishes. Their story will follow their LTW. I am not going to promise completion of the lifetime wish, but it will definitely be attempted. Most of the sims will be created by me, but as said above random traits and LTW.

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