Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Life in Murkland - Week 2

Dear diary,

Well Monday went well! Just after I got back from my swim, a guy came jogging up to my campsite. I was curious as to why, he said he was a neighbor and was just coming to introduce himself. I have to say, he was pretty distracting with all his nakedness and well... cuteness. He told me his name was Forest Tree. A very interesting name if I might say so. We spent all the rest of the day together, just hanging out and chatting. I figured he belonged with the Freegans, since they are one of the only nudist colonies around, and they are right next door. He did mention to me that he was single, which made my imagination whirl for a moment.

When the sun set, we light the campfire and told stories to one another. He had some good ones to share! I hope he visits again so I can hear more of the tales.

So I spent today (Tuesday) working on some herbalism stuff. I gathered all the things I had collected in Granite Falls and started to practice. I made some really yucky mosquito repellent, and some sadness alleviation salve. I'm not sure how it's supposed to work, but whatever. I was excited to try out that recipe I was given for the deodorizing cream. I put all those ingredients together and tried it out! It was a huge flop, didn't do a darn thing for me. Perhaps I'll need to get a little better at this if I'm to make it on a frequent basis.

Dear diary,

Goodness I love Fridays! I got to go to the hot springs again. I met a girl, her name's Jeep. She's a really great person. I spent all day there just talking to her. She never seems to run out of things to say or talk about. Jeep is very self assured, and I love that about her. She also really likes to be outdoors. I could take a few lessons from her maybe. We'll probably hang out out a lot more often. She's so upbeat and fun to be around.

That evening, the Freegans, well more just Forest Tree, invited me over to hang out with them. We had a lot of fun dancing and getting to know one another. I'm glad they didn't pressure me into joining their nudist ways, but it felt weird being the only one with clothes on! Forest Tree gave me a hug before I left. Again with the distraction that started my week, naked hugs. I think I may have blushed a bit.

Well, that makes two really good friends I have. Working on some more relationships so I can fit in a bit better, maybe be less nervous around people. I think it's going pretty well. Here's hoping the weeks to come go just as swimmingly.


Thanks for coming back to see this weeks events! Not much happened, but she's working on her social activities. Doing pretty well for a sim who usually stays home and talks to no one.

Tune in next week, when she visits Granite Falls and gets something new for her campsite!

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Life In Murkland - Week 1

Dear diary,

So I've come across a seemingly cool town. There seem to be a good many people enjoying their life here. I've asked if I could live among them, and they all seemed to say yes, but there are certain conditions and requirements that I have to go through before becoming a real Murklander. I was given a campsite to start my life here, which is far better than what I've had living on the roads.

It's got a great little campfire, and my own tent! I do have bills to pay still, so I have a few ideas on how I can earn the money to do that. The bills cover the use of the tent here, and also they keep a cooler on the campsite stocked with some drinks and small food meals! There's no electricity here, but that's okay. I can buy things for my campsite, but I don't want to settle in too much and have a ton to move.

I spend a lot of time fishing. Fishing has been really helpful to me, since I can sell all the fish I get to the Murkland Mercantile Co. That is where I've been earning some money. Not sure what I'll be doing with money yet, but I know I'll have bills coming. I caught a bonefish! He's so cool, I've decided to keep him. I'm allowed to keep this one, and eat it if I want, because the Mercantile Co doesn't buy these type of fish.

There is one really big thing I'm not a fan of, there's no running water either, and it's required that I have to use the bushes to relieve myself. Boy is that uncomfortable. I'm used to it, from my time on the road, but I was hoping for more here. Maybe once I become a real Murklander, I'll find a place with at least a toilet of some kind.

I've been here for a couple days now and I learned a few things. First and best, there's a hot springs here! Some people have showers on their lot, and if I ever find one in the rivers of Granite Falls, I can put one on my campsite too! The only thing is, there's a water shortage, of course, and we have limits as to how long we can shower and how often. That's okay! I can deal with that. So my water days are limited to Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I came to Murkland on a Monday, and at that time I didn't need a shower, since I had to swim some the day before to even get here. It's now Tuesday night though, and I'm getting pretty foul. I can make it until tomorrow.


Dear diary,

Being a 'Pledge' for Murkland is getting pretty tough. I'm getting used to being stinky, but I miss my meals. There's something called trashfruit here, and it's a staple to all Murklanders. I've got to learn how to grow it! Some of my requirements in becoming a real citizen here are to grow 16 trash plants, from scratch, to perfect specimens. I was never much of a gardener before the apocalypse, guess I better get a green thumb fast. I'm missing some of the foods I used to have available. My campfire though, is a huge comfort and I'm so very thankful for it. The Merchantile Co stocks my cooler with hotdogs and, even though I hate them, I eat them once a day. I also grill my trashfruit! It helps make it taste better. I have to say I never really go hungry for long. I do have lots of stuff to eat, and I can always search garbage cans for stuff too. I know that sounds terrible, but I am doing what I need to!

I've lost track of what day it is! I think I skipped Wednesday's bath day. Oh well. I've met some locals! They seem super nice. I can't recall their names right now, but they are very welcoming. A few people stayed to play cards with me. A table and a deck were here on the campsite for me to use. I do have a goal of being a good friend to a good many people here. I won't comment on the attire of some of the locals though. I hope I can get that involved, I'm usually not a social person.


Dear diary,

Well, I think it's Thursday. Today went to collect some things to sell. I was out and about most of the day, getting all sweaty. Digging up rocks, gems, fossils, and collectibles. I'd harvest any wild plants I found too! Some I can use for bait in fishing, and others I can eat myself. I love the fresh strawberries. There are a few berry bushes around that I take advantage of. Maybe I'll try a combination of my fruits when grilling next time. I haven't gotten a trash plant growing yet, I'll have to ask around for secrets or tips.
I still spend a lot of time fishing. Sometimes I catch more than fish! Occasionally I get a gem, or even just a spice. The soil here on my campsite will only grow trashfruit though, since they are so hardy. Other plants are more sensitive to the conditions in which they thrive. I have no hope of growing anything else for now.

When Friday rolled around, I was very happy to get a good swim in. I met a guy too, he's very handsome. I call him Mr. Vardo. He says he's got brothers, but I have only met him. He lives right near me too. Luckily I met him while I was cleaner! He told me about a place called Granite Falls, and that I should visit there for some good collecting, and I could learn something about Herbalism. I guess I could learn to make some type of lotion for the days I can't take a shower or swim. I've never heard of such a thing. So I will plan on a trip.


Dear diary,

My trip to Granite Falls was super cool! There were tons of things to gather. New places to explore. People to meet too, but I wasn't there for the social aspect of life. I'm not a big talker. I gathered what I could, to bring home and sell or use in my Herbalism lessons. I did fish a lot too, and actually had a toilet to pee in. Even if it was public, and super smelly. Not to mention surrounded by bugs! Good thing I'm not super squeamish. I'll definitely be coming back to visit sometimes. It does cost some money to be here, like §111 a day for the campsite. I don't have a tent yet, the one I can use in Murkland has to stay there. I get why they don't trust anyone to take it off site. So, for now, until I can get a tent of my own, I'll be napping on the benches in Granite Falls. They are comfy enough. Especially by a warm fire.


Thanks for reading! Stick around to see what happens next week. I wonder how long it will take her to finish her task of growing 16 trash plants from scratch to perfection!?

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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Moved to Murkland

So, I've started a challenge! I'm also going to write about it a little bit, story type fun. Maybe more like diary type. I haven't actually decided yet.

The challenge I'm doing is called the Murkland Challenge. It's a post apocalyptic one. I know right? Sounds so fun! Well I've played one sim week, and I'm having a blast. More info on the challenge can be found here. If you happen to want to see live picture feed, you can join my discord channel! This is the address for that: https://discord.gg/vGgscFF
I often spam the place with tons of pictures at any time. I love sharing them, even if no one sees!

Anyway, my simself Atom has survived the apocalypse and had wandered around for weeks before finding some strange sims that said they were from Murkland. She's followed them home, and set up camp. Currently she belongs to the Burner Faction which are people that "are a colorful group who love to dance, have desert parties and who want to be friends with the world even though times are tough." Sounds like a blast!

My sims current traits are:
  • Glutton
  • Gloomy
  • Geek
The Geek thing is really getting to her so far, since she can't use her phone for gaming, and has no access to a PC just yet. Gloomy just well, gets her even more down sometimes. Being a glutton though, is a big help in this world. She often scrounges for food in the trash - and finds it often. She'll not starve!

Now, for gameplay, I've downloaded every lot required and fully remade Oasis Springs into Murkland - Post Apocalypse style. It looks amazing! Tons of Kudos to Brennachan for their fantastic work creating this place. Unfortunately for me, a lot of the lots had things from game packs that I do not own, if I find anything like that I will replace it with what I can, or make due without.

One of these major things is apparently a 'potty bush'. I don't have Get Together, so don't have a potty bush or bonfire. One of the rules is having to pee in the potty bush. Well since Atom's world has none, she just wanders off into the brush to relieve herself. She gets extra murky when this happens.

Enough babble! Lets get on with the story :) IF you have questions, feel free to comment! You can also just pop in to say hi. Thanks for joining me on this adventure.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

The Last Day

This story was written for my Monthly SimLit Challenge, this months theme being "Reminiscence".

I hope you enjoy the story, but you might want to grab a tissue. (maybe)

Happy Simming, and creative writing!


The Last Day

     Here we sit, just you and I, on this cold and unforgiving linoleum floor. It's a small room, not much bigger than a large bathroom. There is a soft blanket beneath me that keeps me from shivering, but what keeps me warm are your soft hands. With one, you stroke my shoulder, and it feels so nice. The other cradles my head, a very comforting action. You smell of vanilla, just like you always do. I hear you talking to me, your voice is very soothing. When that little laugh escaped your lips it made me think of other times I've heard you giggle.

     Like that one time, we were at the park. The whole family. Your young ones were off on the slide, or the swing. The man of the house watched them, like the good father he was. I watched too, happy on the sidelines. It was a bright day, the sun high. Not too many clouds in the sky. A warm wind blew through every once in a while, carrying the salty scent of the nearby beach. I was already happy just because I had been invited to come along. Then you offered me a game of catch! That's when I'd hear it. That laugh. You'd always chuckle when I would run the ball or stick back to you, saying that my cheeks did funny things when I ran. You probably never knew, and I wish I could tell you now, I would do that on purpose. Just to see you smile and hear the laugh that echos through the air now. Just to feel your arms wrap around my neck and bury your face in my fur while you giggle. Those were happy times. Now, as I lay here in your lap, I wonder if you're remembering the same things as I am.

     A man walks in, dressed in a long white coat and white shoes. I heard you tell the man that you could handle it, and to tell you the truth. I know what he's going to say. You're trying to be tough. You've always been that way. Like when we went to the beach. I know you dislike the beach, hate the sand that gets everywhere. The salt that makes you feel sticky after getting out of the warm water. I would watch, when you rub that stuff all over your children to keep the sun from reddening their skin. I would feel your emotions when you'd shudder and wipe the rest off your hands, but you'd grin at the kids before they went off to play. I'd smile inwardly, knowing you did it all for your family. A family that I felt good to be a part of. When everyone else was busy building sand castles, or collecting shells. You and I would sit and enjoy the air. Here, between the piers, at the shore, there was always wind. I'd feel it rustle through my fur, cooling me off. The sun was intense on beach days and it warmed me to my core. The breeze always helped me to not get overly hot though. When everyone was happy and it was just us sitting on our blanket, I'd nudge your arm. You look at me and smile knowingly. Excitement brought me to my paws as I watch you dig through your bag. You always thought of everyone, I know what's in there. A little yip would escape my jowls when my favorite stuffed toy came into view. My chest would hit the floor, and my rump up in the air. I was always ready to play. 'Keep Away' was a favorite game of mine, and wrestling too. We'd move off to the side and play. I feel the warm gritty sand between the pads on my feet, and watch your own toes disappear underneath it. As uncomfortable as I knew you were, you still smiled at me. When you had enough, you'd hug me. Your arms wrapped around me and would squeeze me tight. I loved that.

     Now, I feel you tremble, even though you try hard to hide it. The man in white strokes my ribs with his large but gentle hands. They don't feel as good as yours do, scratching my chin. A little groan comes from my throat. You get close and ask if I'm okay, kiss my head, and rub my ears. That was always something you did while we sat on the couch together, when the house was quiet because the kids were at school. We'd sit and watch the television while you'd absentmindedly stroke my fur. As I got older, those are some of my favorite days. When we could just sit there together and not have to do anything. The sounds and smells of our home filling the space. Sometimes you'd watch movies in the bed and even let me jump up there with you. Those were special times. Your bed was soft and I'd fall asleep fast right next to you.

     I heard it. You sniffled. The man offered you a box. You pulled a little tissue out of it and thanked him. That tissue reminds me of the times you were sick. I'd snuggle with you when you felt that way. A woman joined us in the small room. She smelled weird, like plastic almost, and that nasty stuff you put under my fur sometimes. You'd say it was to "Keep the fleas away" and that it was to keep me healthy. I never did like that stuff, but I was happy you wanted to protect me. Sometimes you'd forget though, and I'd get those little bugs all over me. They did itch something awful. When you'd notice me scratching often, you'd check me over. Running your fingers through my long fur, all over my belly. Checking all those spots that were itchy. It actually felt really good when you'd do that. I'd stay still and let you look. I would hear you sigh when you found a bunch of fleas. "Bath time!", you'd say. I didn't hate a bath, but wasn't the best time of my life either. Sometimes, you'd take a hairdryer to blow my fur out. I did have a very thick coat, and it would take a long time to dry otherwise, so I appreciated those days.

      With the woman in here now too, it was getting crowded in this tiny room. The man stands up and does some stuff that I can't see. When I heard you sniff again I glanced your way. There were tears on your face. I didn't want you to cry. I wanted to share these memories with you, will you to see what I see. In my later years, there was less rambunctious playing and more walking. Those walks were the best time of day for me. Sometimes you'd take me with you to the bus stop, when you'd see your little ones off to school. That was always fun. I got to meet some new people and sometimes, they would bring their dogs too! I loved it when I could hang out with them. After everyone was gone from the bus stop, you'd walk with me around the neighborhood. Those were good days. Even though there was no boisterous activity, I felt the love, and we were together.

     Just a few days ago, I made a mess in the house. You didn't get mad. You knew I couldn't help it, you just cleaned it up and took me outside for a while. Dad didn't believe you, but you knew. I wouldn't have much longer with you. I remember not wanting to eat, the food was too crunchy and hard on my teeth. You saw that, and helped me out. That night I had some delicious stuff from a can, mixed with some rice. Boy did I eat that up, it was one of the best things I'd tasted! Thanks for that.

     Today, you brought me here, and I know what for. It's okay though. We've had our time, and you made it wonderful. I hear you whisper to me, and though I don't understand your words, I know you are worried. Your warm fingers stroke my fur, very comforting. I feel you squeeze me tighter and it makes me wish I could hug you back. I feel a pin prick in my thigh, it didn't hurt. Getting pretty relaxed now. I can still feel you, my head in your lap and your hands touching me. Makes me smile. If I had one wish, it would be to talk. Just so I could tell you that you made life worth living. I love you. With all my heart and soul. You did alright, and I'll miss you too.


This story is dedicated to my fuzzy love that is no longer with us, "Jake".