Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Chapters 18 & 19

The abandoned village was populated with many huts, each one becoming overtaken with grass and vines. It looked like no one had lived there for quite a while. I wasted no time in starting to open baskets in search of the Chief's drums. With the first basket I opened I got quite a shock. A spirit appeared!

"Great now it's a haunted forbidden village. What have I gotten myself into to?" I asked myself. Then I heard the ghost speak. "Place the urn I leave behind and my fallen Brethren & I will give you what you seek." For just a moment I ignored what he said. I didn't really want to get involved in paranormal activities. Then I opened the second basket, and another ghost appeared.
This one said to me "Death awaits us all, but he follows you." That kind of freaked me out. Then I thought, 'Maybe they have more power than I think. I wouldn't want them angry at me.' The second ghost disappeared but in her place appeared a type of urn.
I picked up the urn she left and looked at it. It looked really odd, but not threatening. I continued to look for the drums. I opened two baskets before another spirit appeared. He said to me "Thank the volcano you've arrived. Do not rush to judge the one that broke the taboo. Some events are meant to happen one way or another." I wasn't sure who he was talking about, but I nodded and he disappeared leaving behind his own urn. A third ghost appeared with the final basket I opened. This one was a child, and silent. He just smiled at me as he left his urn. When I stepped out of that building, in search of more hiding places for drums, I noticed a grassy section with three pedestals. I remembered what the first spirit said to me 'place the urn I leave..'. This is a good place to place urns, I mean I had three, and there are three empty pedestals. It made sense, so I put the urns in their places. When the last one was in place the first ghost reappeared. "Thank you for releasing us to join our ancestor. I know what you seek, return to the Chief's hut and look again."
'Well, what friendly ghosts. I'm glad I could help them.' I thought to myself. I then did as the old one said and looked in the basket at the Chief's hut.

I found it just where they said it would be. I guess they had taken it until they could be helped. I took the drums back to the village square hoping to find the Chief there. As soon as I stepped into view he approached me, making my search a lot easier. "Thank you Citryne. This calls for a celebration! I declare - LUAU TIME!" Said the Chief. He walked into the woods behind me, and everyone else followed. So I did too. This could be fun, I need some fun. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Chapter 19 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ When we came to another opening the first thing I saw was Akolo. Just seeing him made my heart skip a beat, and made me feel as giddy as a school girl. He walked up and embraced me, making my entire body tingle. 'You know, kissing seems to be a common greeting here. I think I'll say 'hello' to Akolo' I thought. Then I leaned in to kiss him, for the first time.
He denied me! I was so embarrassed. I never thought he would pull away from me, but he did. He even smiled when he backed up. Then he turned around and walked away. As he walked away from me he said, "So you think your a hero now, but can you drink the volcano water?" Just hearing his voice made me forget what just happened. I love his voice. "Sure I can, just show me the way!" I said, before I knew what he was talking about. 'Drink water? What?' I thought. Akolo showed me to a pot of red water. He stirred it up for a minute and took a ladle in his hands, then dipped for a drink. I watched his expression as he gulped it down. His face darkened when the water passed his throat. Then he gestured for me to do the same, and handed me the ladle. I swallowed hard, then dipped a spoon full out for me. Putting the ladle up to my lips I felt the heat from the liquid. In one big gulp I swallowed as much as I could. "WOW! Hot, hot, HOT!" I said. Then after a second or two cool down, "Over all not that bad though." I smiled at Akolo.

"So you can drink the water, but can you dance the limbo?" He challenged. I thought, 'If it meant time alone in a hut with Akolo I'd wear a llama suit and spiked heels to the Pleasantview Symphony", but I said, "Is limbo the one where you fall over and wait for someone to help you up?"

I followed Akolo to a limbo stick, already set up.
Without hesitation, I showed Akolo just how limber and flexible I was. I bowed under that stick easily. "So you dance like a tribe member, but will you walk on the hot coals for me?" Akolo said, offering yet another challenge. "For you Akolo, I'd walk over hot coals on my hands." I told him with a very warm smile.

Walking across those hot coals was more painful than I could have ever imagined. It really hurt. I don't think my feet were ever the same again. The reward at the end was fully worth it though. Akolo said jumped in my arms and whispered to me, "You are definitely the woman for me, you are the best." The Chief interrupted and said, "It is time for your reward, please follow me." Personally, I thought Akolo was reward enough for me, but the Chief wanted to offer more. "The Chief honors you, I'm so proud of you my love!" Akolo told me.

"Citryne," the Chief said, "You did so well, I am happy to call you friend to the tribe." I blushed just a little bit. "Thank you, I am so happy to b able to help." "Bring her reward!" Shouted the Chief at someone.

Huhana walked up to us and said, "When you finish your raft and go, please always remember that the respect and appreciation of the tribe goes with you." Just then Akolo turned to me and frowned, then ran away. Huhana continued, "Don't you worry about Akolo. He will forgive you and eventually will learn to forget. Maybe." Suddenly the Chief shouted, "The volcano speaks! Everyone back to your huts!" Just as soon as the party had started, it ended. "I guess I should go too." I said aloud to no one. Then I went to my 'home'. When I got there, I looked around. Waiata was there and came up to me. I said to him, "Home sweet home, guy. Is this my home? Do I need to go back to where I came from?" I paused in thought. "Akolo feels more like home to me than anything else." Waiata looked at me. "Of course you make it feel like home too Waiata." I pat him on the head and smiled at him. "I'm too tired to think about it anymore tonight. I'll see you in the morning Waiata." I slept very soundly, but had some odd dreams about Akolo during the night. I hoped that I would have made up my mind in the morning.


**Writers note: I am so sorry about the delay! Thankfully I have my game up and running, and I can get back to her story! Thanks for waiting, I hope you enjoyed the update.**