Monday, September 26, 2011

Scardey Cat - The Trailer

To hold you over until my next written story I am working on a new Machinima! The trailer has been released, stop by and take a look!

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

New Story

Don't go away! There will be other stories posted here, don't you fret. I haven't gotten anything in the making just yet - but keep an eye out.

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Friday, August 12, 2011

Chapter 10: Totally Pleased

     Things are not going my way this morning, nothing is going the way I plan. Trying to do some training, but this dummy keeps hitting me back. Keeps getting past my defense and smacks me right in the face. I had to stop because that final blow bloodied my nose and I couldn't really see anymore.

     I'm giving up Martial Arts - it's obviously not my thing. I'll have to find a new hobby.

     I heard on the news today that the men I rolled with on that big job were caught and jailed. They have no clue I was even involved. See I'm so well respected in that community that they would never rat me out either. They know better.

     Spent the majority of the day just doing those daily things people have to do. You know, eating showering, cleaning, getting ready for and going to work.

     Work went by quickly, nothing to do really so I left early. On the way home I passed by the Doo Peas Tower and spotted a few cars unattended. Pickings were slim lately when it came to automobiles, people were storing theirs in garages - or not even using them. They feared the local car thief -  obviously a good one - would get their car. A smile crossed my face, I wonder who they're talking about.

     Just as I started to jimmy the lock on the passenger side of this car I hear them. Sirens. No way!

     Run for it! I ran as fast as my strong legs would carry me. There's no way they're going to take me.
     I was just about to pass the outskirts of town when I ran face into a black and white. You have GOT to be kidding me.

     This car wasn't even after me, not like the first one. I realized then that I was running past my work building and they were making a mass arrest. On one side - I was glad I left early. On the other - one of the police cars on the way to the building spotted me trying to steal that car.

     A policewoman spotted my outfit and cuffed me right there on the spot. I couldn't believe it.

     Yep, I've been cuffed and brought to jail. 30 year sentence to my name. Maybe I'm not the best? Pfft. of course I am. Even the best have bad days.
     I don't think anyone is more pleased about an accomplishment then that 'pig' that threw me in jail! I hope she chokes on a donut.

     They better not think I'm actually going to spend 30 years in this shithole. They better not.

A picture of Luca's collection of vehicles just after being arrested - there were also 4 more in his inventory I couldn't place for lack of money and space!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Chapter 9: The Big One

    My morning started pretty rough. Lots of housework to do, and I hate housework. While washing dishes the stupid sink broke, spraying gallons of water right in my face. Fixed it as quickly as possible. There is no way I am going to call any type of service person to come do something in this house. Way too many stolen goods that I don't want found.

     After doing a little plumbing, I cleaned the stove and the counter tops. My bathroom was dirty as well so fixed that up. Rearranged the furniture because it was getting a little cluttered with all my 'collectibles' lying around.

    With so many chores done, I feel the need to treat myself. There's a big job coming up tomorrow night, but I am free this evening to do as I please. I'll visit a neighbor.

     Those roomies let me in no problem. Said I was just dropping by to say hello. I did, for a couple of minutes anyway. Then I went 'to the bathroom' and searched for something small to fit in my pocket or shirt. Found a candle, perfect. I need one in my bathroom.

     I also took a book or two - that they will never miss - home with me as well. This is a great warm up exercise for tomorrow night anyway.

     I couldn't sleep. Too excited. My nerves are jumpy but not in a bad way. I'm just thrilled that I was picked to handle such a big thing. Working out your nerves always helped, took some time to practice my martial arts. I'm still not very good at all.

     By morning I was still wired even though I hadn't even dozed off. Bright and early I set about my business. Had to scope the place out first.
     Took a jog to check it out. My mind was racing. Planning.
     The other guys will be waiting in the truck. I was the only one doing the heavy lifting. This is good right? My boss trusts me enough to get things done. I'm definitely moving up in the criminal world.

     The rest of the day went by as a blur. No idea what I actually did.

     Nightfall. I'm totally ready, but I'll jog there to get my mind working and my muscles ready.

     Here. In my sights. Crap, there's someone walking by. I'll jump in the bushes until they pass.

     Finally, geesh could they walk any slower. No one else around, good. I'll wait here though until the truck arrives. Should be any minu... there they are. Let's get going.

     First one. Pretty awkward to carry, but I got it. Put it in the truck as silently as we could. Still no one around. It's after midnight - no one should be.
     Next one was very tall, but actually easier to carry than the first. Slid into the truck. The others are getting antsy, impatient.

     "Shut up. Don't talk. Keep quiet. You just do your job. I'll be right back with the final piece."
     The last one was actually more difficult than planned. It was huge and shaped awkwardly, so it was tough to carry. Though, I'm the best - so it was done. Taken and placed into a second truck because the first one was full.

     The others didn't waste much time in peeling out of there. Stupid really, they left tread marks.

     Jog home, since I don't have a ride. Boy that was exhilarating, fantastic. I've never felt so alive. Maybe I'll get a good rep and get hired on for more jobs like this one.

     When I lay down in bed I slept like a baby all night. Don't think I've ever slept that well.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Chapter 8: Visiting Death's Domain

     Long flight for such a short trip. I mean how many hours was I on that flight? Just to get a couple of flame fruits for my boss's wife? Apparently she wanted to grow some in her garden, but couldn't get the seeds locally. Boss knows I don't like Egypt much, he must really hate me - sending me there so often.

     Got into the pyramid okay, and used the key I was given. There were many traps to get past, but having previous experiences with them I fared pretty well. Disarmed some, and just skipped right over some.

     Finding the final room in the whole thing was pretty cool. The room was mostly lit by the flame fruits. The corners were lit by some kind of flaming statues, pretty neat too.

     My flight home was easy, sleeping anyway. Might not have been so easy awake. I'm starting to dislike flying just as much as the heat of Egypt.

     Before I left on my trip I hired someone to build a basement, with car access, for all my, umm personal vehicles. When I got home, that was the first thing I checked out. Awesome, now I have a great area to hide my cars.

     Feel like I haven't worked out in a while. Flexing my muscles made me realize how weak I felt. Straight to they gym. That girl was there, I don't even remember her name but at least I got to check her ass out again - it's a nice one.

     I felt so good afterwards I was actually smiling when I got to work. I jogged there, that's always extra refreshing. After work I went for a walk - you know the type of walk I mean. That searching for something to steal walk.

     I happened across the graveyard.

     So glad I have a truck. It would be fairly difficult to get this huge statue home without one. A bench to match is perfect.

     The trucks pretty weighed down now, running slow and taking a lot of gas but I got home alright. Unloaded, even left the stuff out front in the yard. I hope no one notices. Maybe I shouldn't be so uh... open with my theft.

     After work tonight I went to the Gym for some iron pumping and thought. Thinking maybe I should move. No one has gotten on my case yet - as far as I know - but I don't want it to happen either. Moving is a great option for avoiding law enforcement.

     Walking home I passed that crappy diner. More cars out front. Ugh why do they have to be so tempting? You know I had to take it. Really horrid car but at least it runs. Got it to the usual body shop I take everything to. It will be delivered in a few hours to my house but I'll be asleep by then.

     I'll think more about moving tomorrow, my brain's wore out tonight.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Chapter 7: A new set

     Met a girl at the gym. She seems pretty hard core actually. I don't think there's an ounce of fat on her anywhere. We talked for a few minutes. She's not real pretty... nor is she real interesting. Just a hot bod.

     I decided that I'd had enough of a work out for the day. Maybe I'll get home.

      Figures, twenty minutes into my favorite show the TV breaks. I'm not a big mechanic yet, so a little nervous about fixing it.
     Good reasons for that too.
     It doesn't feel great to be electrocuted! I can tell you that for sure. Boy that racked my nerves. Made me real antsy - even after my shower. I knew there was really only one way to fix this feeling. 

     When I stepped outside I realized it was still daylight. Gotta find some way to waste time. I'm hungry - dinner would take long enough.

     Had dessert too. It was so good, I was impressed. That doesn't happen often. After dinner I decided to walk home. It'd be good for me... and I needed to scratch that itch.

     Unfortunately everywhere I went, there was someone else too. After walking nearly all over town I chose to go home to bed. Maybe tomorrow.

     Had pancakes in the morning, and soon after my daily workout my work carpool arrived. 

     I walked home from work. No one was out now, it's 2am. Who would be? Aside me anyway - and maybe more like me.

     Passed by the local - and crappy - diner. There were a lot of cars out front. I think I'll diminish that number by one.

     Boy it was easy to wire, dropped it off at the body shop.

     That was such a thrill I stopped by the Science Lab too. Got a nice one there. Still not enough. I guess depriving myself last night kicked me into overdrive tonight.

     I planned to go home, but when I passed the dump and spotted another nice truck, I had to stop again. Got it. Perfect. All three vehicles were taken to the same body shop. Good thing they don't ask questions!

     Whew what a night. I have to leave for a quick trip to Egypt in the morning. Just for one small job - a stupid one if you ask me, but it pays well. In and out of a pyramid then home in the same day.

     When I got up I noticed that my cars had been delivered. Great! I think I like the black truck best. I'll use that as my personal vehicle. I loved that scene so much I had to take a picture of it. I'll frame it too. Though I may need to find somewhere else to put them, this may look conspicuous.

     Flight leaves in an hour, off to the airport.