Friday, August 12, 2011

Chapter 10: Totally Pleased

     Things are not going my way this morning, nothing is going the way I plan. Trying to do some training, but this dummy keeps hitting me back. Keeps getting past my defense and smacks me right in the face. I had to stop because that final blow bloodied my nose and I couldn't really see anymore.

     I'm giving up Martial Arts - it's obviously not my thing. I'll have to find a new hobby.

     I heard on the news today that the men I rolled with on that big job were caught and jailed. They have no clue I was even involved. See I'm so well respected in that community that they would never rat me out either. They know better.

     Spent the majority of the day just doing those daily things people have to do. You know, eating showering, cleaning, getting ready for and going to work.

     Work went by quickly, nothing to do really so I left early. On the way home I passed by the Doo Peas Tower and spotted a few cars unattended. Pickings were slim lately when it came to automobiles, people were storing theirs in garages - or not even using them. They feared the local car thief -  obviously a good one - would get their car. A smile crossed my face, I wonder who they're talking about.

     Just as I started to jimmy the lock on the passenger side of this car I hear them. Sirens. No way!

     Run for it! I ran as fast as my strong legs would carry me. There's no way they're going to take me.
     I was just about to pass the outskirts of town when I ran face into a black and white. You have GOT to be kidding me.

     This car wasn't even after me, not like the first one. I realized then that I was running past my work building and they were making a mass arrest. On one side - I was glad I left early. On the other - one of the police cars on the way to the building spotted me trying to steal that car.

     A policewoman spotted my outfit and cuffed me right there on the spot. I couldn't believe it.

     Yep, I've been cuffed and brought to jail. 30 year sentence to my name. Maybe I'm not the best? Pfft. of course I am. Even the best have bad days.
     I don't think anyone is more pleased about an accomplishment then that 'pig' that threw me in jail! I hope she chokes on a donut.

     They better not think I'm actually going to spend 30 years in this shithole. They better not.

A picture of Luca's collection of vehicles just after being arrested - there were also 4 more in his inventory I couldn't place for lack of money and space!

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  1. Hmmm, is there a chance that "bad boy" might bust outta there? Great story :D