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Chapter 22

**Writers note : I do apologize, over the next few chapters there may be some pictures missing that you would hope to see. The game often breaks into a video segment, and it is impossible to get picturs of the event. Sorry about that**


Chapter 22


A flood of mixed emotions took over as I ran back with the parachute. I felt anxious - hoping it would work, excited - for finding something, scared - that I wasn't going to make it in time, and saddened - that I would have to leave my love in his time of need.

When I got back to my raft I still had plenty of time to put the new sail on.

I pulled the parachute out of the bag and examined it. It seemed perfect, no holes and a perfect fit. Carefully I attached it to hooks to get the raft finished. I was turning to go get some supplies for the trip when I ran into professor chump, I mean Rhinehart.

"The disease came from the idol that protected the temple. The cure must be inside it, but it's been sealed for quite some time. Legend says that we need the staff of Tuzu to open the temple. The staff is said to be hidden inside a petrified tree on Volcano Island." The professor said.

I studied him for a moment. "How do you know this? I know you studied these islands - but still."

"Akolo may be dead by the time I explain. There is time for that after we open that temple!" He seemed a little excited to me for some reason. There was a fire in his eyes that I was surprised to see. He continued on. "Take the raft to Volcano Island and follow the beach counter clockwise until you see the petrified forest. The staff is in a hollow tree. Get it and bring it here to me."

"I am taking a HUGE risk listening to you, you better be right!" I said, nearly shouting at the man.
"I assure you," the Professor said, "It's there, and we need it. You hurry and get it, I'll tell the Chief of our plan."

"I hope Rhinehart is right. I have no other option though. If I did sail off, I wouldn't know which way to go. Akolo would surely die if I struck out on my own." I said to myself. "Rhinehart told me to go this way." I pushed the raft into the water and sailed in the direction of Volcano Island.

I arrived on the island and looked around. There were pools of lava everywhere, so stepping could be dangerous. I took extra care in following the 'beach' counter clockwise as the Professor said. I finally arrived at the petrified forest and looked around. Almost right away I spotted a hollow stump with a stick in it. I walked up to it, and as I neared my suspicions confirmed that this was the Staff of Tuzu. I grabbed it.

At that very moment, the earth trembled beneath my feet. I hear the sound of rocks falling and crashing behind me.

"OH NO!" I shouted. The shaking had caused rocks to close up the entrance I had come through. There was definitely no way I would be going back that way now. I had to continue on and find another way to the ocean.

I came to another clearing, with ocean access. A small amount of joy took over me as I raced to the beach. I almost ran right past the man.

There was a guy laying there, unmoving. I stared at him for a moment before saying, "Are you okay?"

"Uggghhh." Mumbled the man.

"Hey?" I said to him, "Can you get up?" I looked around while I was talking to him. His area was primitive, much like mine was when I first 'arrived' on this island. It seemed like so long ago. I wondered where he came from and how long he had been here.

"Who are you? Where did you come from? How long have you been here? What's your name?" Maybe I asked too many questions at once, but I was in a hurry.

The man got up to his knees to talk to me. He clutched his stomach as if it hurt to do even that.

"Pittman. My name is Pittman, I was the Chief engineer on the Solomon Queen."

I was shocked, he was another survivor! "Hang on, I'll get some help!"

"No, it's too late. The Professor has doomed us all." He said.

"What Professor?"

Pittman continued, "He bribed me to get into the engine room... I didn't think it would do any harm. He seemed innocent enough. Then there was an explosion. And... here we are."

"Do you mean Professor Rhinehart? ... Pittman? Pittman??"

Pittman stretched his hand up in the air and tried to say something else. The breath he was using left his body and he crumpled to the ground, dead.

"Oh goodness!" I stood there for the smallest of moments unbelieving. I checked his pulse, nothing. "Okay, sorry Pittman, I know you deserve better but I have no time. I have to go. Rest in Peace." I had to show a little respect to him, but I also had to go.

I ran to the beach and swam to my raft. Then sailed back to the main island, and raced through the woods trying to reach the Village Harbor. I got there just after sunset.

The Chief saw me arrive and greeted me.

"Where's Rhinehart?" I asked, almost yelling.

"He has gone to the house of Tuzu, he said you were to meet him there. Why are you so angry?" The Chief asked.

"He is up to something, though I am not sure what it is at the moment. Where is the Temple again?"

"In the jungle, just past the volcano." He told me. "Citryne, we are all sick now." The Chief looked defeated.

"I know." I said, "Rhinehart said that the cure was at the house of Tuzu. I am hoping he isn't lying."

"The Temple houses great power. I hope he is right." The Chief said, a little hope relit his eyes just a small bit.

I left then, hoping the same thing as the Chief. I hoped we could trust Rhinehart, find the cure and heal the village.

I ran through the jungle, past the volcano where I kissed Akolo. After passing through some more thicket a building came into sight.

"This must be it. Well, here we go." I said aloud to no one.


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Chapter 21


Chapter 21


I knew that I had to leave as soon as I possibly could manage it. My rudder had been completed, it was just getting on there that I had put off. At least I wasn't leaving for myself anymore. I needed to get the love of my life some help. Instantly. As I ran through the woods, my mind raced about everything I had learned and accomplished. Mostly I thought about Akolo and how much I loved him.

Since my mind was not completely concentrating on what I was doing, I tripped and fell probably four times. My knees were badly scraped when I got to my home and raft.


I pulled the rudder made by the villagers out from its hiding spot and started to attach it. Though I was in a hurry, I tried to take my time so I knew that it was on securely. I didn't want to risk anything. Just as I got it attached, and the ropes taught, I heard a familiar and unwelcome voice from behind me.

"There you are, and your raft!" Shouted Professor Rhinehart.

I stood there stunned. How did he find me, and what did he want?

"Are you sure you've thought this all the way through?" He asked me

How did he know everything? That shocked me. I explained to him that I had to help Akolo, there was no other way. Then, out of the corner of my eye, I saw something in the sky.

"OH NO! Professor watch out!" I yelled.


I ducked and dodged the fireballs coming from the volcano. Apparently it had continued to erupt after I had departed and was now shooting out balls of flaming lava.

At one point, though my memory is kind of foggy, I saw that the sail for my raft had caught fire. It had been struck. There was no stopping my emotions.

I yelled and screamed, "This can NOT be happening. NO WAY. I am imagining it all. AKOLO! How will I save him now? What will I do?" My yelling ended in tears flowing from my eyes.

The professor tried to help "Take it easy m'dear. Do not fret."

I was still angry, "Oh YEAH? You know of a sale at the sail shop nearby? It will take forever to get another sail woven. I have to leave NOW, not later! This is important!"

Don't worry about Waiata, he's fine - not on fire. Just looks like it.
The professor attempted to quiet me. It didn't really work but I paused long enough for him to speak.

"I don't know if it will help you, but there is a research base here. You might be able to find a sail there. If not something suitable for one."

I looked at the man with pure hatred. At this moment, I loathed him for not telling me this long ago. But a brief second in my mind, I thought 'If I had gotten a sail earlier, I would never have known Akolo. I would never have loved him. I'm glad he didn't tell me about this then.' Now I needed it though.

"Where?" Was all I said. I was still slightly angry at him, but at least not so fired up about it.

He told me how to get there as quickly as possible. "Go past the hot springs, but please dear, be so careful the ground can get terribly hot."

"I've walked on hot coals for Akolo, I would do it again in a heartbeat." I said to him as I walked off. I needed to get there as quick as my feet would carry me.

I passed the hot springs with wings on my feet. As much as my lungs hurt and my throat burned from running so long, I trudged on until I found what I was looking for.

The professor was right. There was an old abandoned research center. Equipped with plane. I was bound to find something here to work.


There were three buildings, one was just the hanger for the plane, a second was a severely broken down storage area, and the third a building that was mostly in tact. Since the office looking building, probably the lab, was closest - I searched that first.

Downstairs had nothing of use to me. Just a bunch of empty vials and test tubes. I was correct in my assumption of the lab. This is where they probably studied the local wildlife around, plants and animals alike.

I jerked my mind back to focus on my task.

Up the stairs I had a little more luck.

This seemed to be where the scientists, or whatever they were, slept. There was a backpack on the floor underneath a dartboard. When I got close and examined it, I determined that it was a parachute. Perfect.

A parachute would be great for a sail.

Quicker than a lightning flash, I was back at my camp, my raft in sight. I was ready to attach this sail and get off this island in search of help. I couldn't bear the thought of Akolo suffering another minute.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Chapter 20

Chapter 20

I fell asleep that night begging for an answer to come to me in my sleep.

When I awoke, I looked around my room. Getting out of the bed I made my way to the sink. While I washed my hands I thought of how great it was to have plumbing, not having to wash in the ocean or ponds.

I rinsed my hands off and watched the bubbles disappear down the drain.
It was then that I made my decision. I was going to stay. Maybe the bubbles were symbolic to me, maybe I knew it all along and just came to my senses - whatever it was that made me realise I wanted to stay, I was thankful for it. I had worked hard on that raft - it made sense at the time, but I had it so good there. Akolo was so wonderful.
Now I just had to go find Akolo.

Waiata kissed me good morning, and as I went to make my own breakfast, he asked me for his as well. I gave him his favorite - a banana - and roasted some cod for myself. It was still burning hot as I swallowed it down. Then I headed out of my area in search of my love.

When I entered the village square I was immediately greeted by Nahini.
"Good Morning!" she said.

 "Morning Nahini, have you seen Akolo?"
"No, is there something wrong?" I could tell that Nahini was concerned.
"He ran from the Luau upset because I plan to leave." I told Nahini.
I saw her brow furrow into a deeper concern. "My father was called away about something serious in the Jungle. If Akolo was highly upset... well I hope nothing has happened to him. You should go find out. Father went that way." She pointed to an opening in the forest line.
"Thank you!" I shouted over my shoulder as I went in the direction she pointed.

As I entered a small clearing, I spotted the Chief and his guard. Also there was Akolo.

"STAY BACK! I am cursed by the volcano!! I've come here to die alone, to protect my village!" Akolo shouted at me.

Rarahu spoke up, "It's too late, the curse has already spread."

"It is true! Hear the volcano's anger. We must flee! Akolo has the curse, we have seen this before!" Chief told me.
I realised what was happening. "So have I, and it's not a curse, it is just a disease. An illness."

Just then Nahini ran up to me, "It is a curse. I know because I brought it to the old village. I took the idol - I didn't mean to - when it breathed yellow smoke I threw it in the jungle. Then the curse appeared. It is all my fault."
"But it's not a curse. The idol breathed smoke on me too. I got really sick, but I found a cure. Medicine works! It's just an illness." I argued.

The Chief spoke, "Do not Blaspheme and do not touch Akolo - you will be cursed!"

"No, I won't, and I'll prove it to you." I said.

There was only one way to do this.
All astonished eyes were on me as I strutted without hesitation to Akolo.

I reached Akolo and without pause I planted my first kiss on his lips. I was happy that he didn't refuse me, or push me away. His lips felt wonderful on mine, so warm and velvety soft. I could have kept on kissing him.

Unfortunately the volano behind us burned a bright red and rumbled, shaking the earth beneath our feet.

"You have angered the volcano!!" The chief shouted over the noise. We all covered our ears and stepped away from the erupting volcano.

"No I didn't. Look at me!" I said back to him.
He studied me for a moment. "The curse did not affect you. How?"

"I told you. It is just a disease. I cured myself with the meds I found, now I am immune."

"Good, then you must share these medicines with the village!" Chief demanded.

I paused for a moment. "Well, I would, but there was only one dose left when I took it. It is all gone, and I don't know where or how to get more."

The Chief looked defeated. "Well curse or disease we must flee and leave Akolo and the others to die."
"NO! I can get more if I got home. I'm sure of it. Let me finish the raft." I insisited. I wasn't going to just let Akolo die.
"Fine, but you must hurry. This curse only takes a few days to kill its victims." Chief said, then he and his gaurd disappeared into the woods.

When the Chief was gone I approached Akolo. "Akolo, I am so sorry I hurt you. I don't want to leave anymore, I wish to stay with you. Forever." I stepped a little closer to him and felt the heat from his body.
"You make me happy Citryne." He took a deep breath and looked at me. "I'm strong, I will wait for you. Nothing will befall me, but you must be hasty."

As strong as he was trying to be, I saw the worry in his eyes. This disease was taking it's toll, and it hurt me to see Akolo suffering.

I leaned in and kissed him again. He happily returned the emotions I was poured into him. I felt his body tremble, and felt his hot skin on mine. 'He must have a really high fever, I have to hurry.' I thought to myself.
I pulled away from him and with a last look I ran off to my raft. I had to leave, now.