Monday, April 25, 2011

Chapter 22

**Writers note : I do apologize, over the next few chapters there may be some pictures missing that you would hope to see. The game often breaks into a video segment, and it is impossible to get picturs of the event. Sorry about that**


Chapter 22


A flood of mixed emotions took over as I ran back with the parachute. I felt anxious - hoping it would work, excited - for finding something, scared - that I wasn't going to make it in time, and saddened - that I would have to leave my love in his time of need.

When I got back to my raft I still had plenty of time to put the new sail on.

I pulled the parachute out of the bag and examined it. It seemed perfect, no holes and a perfect fit. Carefully I attached it to hooks to get the raft finished. I was turning to go get some supplies for the trip when I ran into professor chump, I mean Rhinehart.

"The disease came from the idol that protected the temple. The cure must be inside it, but it's been sealed for quite some time. Legend says that we need the staff of Tuzu to open the temple. The staff is said to be hidden inside a petrified tree on Volcano Island." The professor said.

I studied him for a moment. "How do you know this? I know you studied these islands - but still."

"Akolo may be dead by the time I explain. There is time for that after we open that temple!" He seemed a little excited to me for some reason. There was a fire in his eyes that I was surprised to see. He continued on. "Take the raft to Volcano Island and follow the beach counter clockwise until you see the petrified forest. The staff is in a hollow tree. Get it and bring it here to me."

"I am taking a HUGE risk listening to you, you better be right!" I said, nearly shouting at the man.
"I assure you," the Professor said, "It's there, and we need it. You hurry and get it, I'll tell the Chief of our plan."

"I hope Rhinehart is right. I have no other option though. If I did sail off, I wouldn't know which way to go. Akolo would surely die if I struck out on my own." I said to myself. "Rhinehart told me to go this way." I pushed the raft into the water and sailed in the direction of Volcano Island.

I arrived on the island and looked around. There were pools of lava everywhere, so stepping could be dangerous. I took extra care in following the 'beach' counter clockwise as the Professor said. I finally arrived at the petrified forest and looked around. Almost right away I spotted a hollow stump with a stick in it. I walked up to it, and as I neared my suspicions confirmed that this was the Staff of Tuzu. I grabbed it.

At that very moment, the earth trembled beneath my feet. I hear the sound of rocks falling and crashing behind me.

"OH NO!" I shouted. The shaking had caused rocks to close up the entrance I had come through. There was definitely no way I would be going back that way now. I had to continue on and find another way to the ocean.

I came to another clearing, with ocean access. A small amount of joy took over me as I raced to the beach. I almost ran right past the man.

There was a guy laying there, unmoving. I stared at him for a moment before saying, "Are you okay?"

"Uggghhh." Mumbled the man.

"Hey?" I said to him, "Can you get up?" I looked around while I was talking to him. His area was primitive, much like mine was when I first 'arrived' on this island. It seemed like so long ago. I wondered where he came from and how long he had been here.

"Who are you? Where did you come from? How long have you been here? What's your name?" Maybe I asked too many questions at once, but I was in a hurry.

The man got up to his knees to talk to me. He clutched his stomach as if it hurt to do even that.

"Pittman. My name is Pittman, I was the Chief engineer on the Solomon Queen."

I was shocked, he was another survivor! "Hang on, I'll get some help!"

"No, it's too late. The Professor has doomed us all." He said.

"What Professor?"

Pittman continued, "He bribed me to get into the engine room... I didn't think it would do any harm. He seemed innocent enough. Then there was an explosion. And... here we are."

"Do you mean Professor Rhinehart? ... Pittman? Pittman??"

Pittman stretched his hand up in the air and tried to say something else. The breath he was using left his body and he crumpled to the ground, dead.

"Oh goodness!" I stood there for the smallest of moments unbelieving. I checked his pulse, nothing. "Okay, sorry Pittman, I know you deserve better but I have no time. I have to go. Rest in Peace." I had to show a little respect to him, but I also had to go.

I ran to the beach and swam to my raft. Then sailed back to the main island, and raced through the woods trying to reach the Village Harbor. I got there just after sunset.

The Chief saw me arrive and greeted me.

"Where's Rhinehart?" I asked, almost yelling.

"He has gone to the house of Tuzu, he said you were to meet him there. Why are you so angry?" The Chief asked.

"He is up to something, though I am not sure what it is at the moment. Where is the Temple again?"

"In the jungle, just past the volcano." He told me. "Citryne, we are all sick now." The Chief looked defeated.

"I know." I said, "Rhinehart said that the cure was at the house of Tuzu. I am hoping he isn't lying."

"The Temple houses great power. I hope he is right." The Chief said, a little hope relit his eyes just a small bit.

I left then, hoping the same thing as the Chief. I hoped we could trust Rhinehart, find the cure and heal the village.

I ran through the jungle, past the volcano where I kissed Akolo. After passing through some more thicket a building came into sight.

"This must be it. Well, here we go." I said aloud to no one.


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