Thursday, December 2, 2010

Chapter 1 : What happened?

** Writers note: This tale will be written in a way such as her telling the story. The game play is actually broken into chapters, and I will be using those chapters as starting and stopping points for the blog. This is why some posts may be longer than others. I am unaware at this time how many chapters there are. Thanks for joining me in the adventure of Citryne. I hope you enjoy it. **

This is a story about my life. As much of it as I remember anyway. I go by Citryne, even though I have no idea what my birth name was.

I was once aboard a ship with many people, a cruise ship I assume. The first thing I remember is waking up in the water, floating on a piece of driftwood. Not to far away had been an island, and I swam to it.
I pulled myself onto the beach and, soaking wet, looked back at where I had come from. I could make out the wreckage of a very large ship. This is what makes me think it was some sort of cruise ship. There had to have been many people on board such a big boat. I have no idea what happened to anyone else, as I never saw any other survivors. Standing there I tried to recall something, anything. Nothing ever came. I was seemingly alone, and remembered nothing about myself or my life.
Finally breaking from the view of the wreckage, I took in the rest of my surroundings. This was not a bad looking island actually. It seemed well suited for a vacation island of some kind. Under different circumstances I might have found the island beautiful. While I was looking around I noticed something protruding from the sand. Quickly I ran to investigate the object and dug it out. It was a box from the ship, it seemed to have washed ashore before I did and was buried pretty deep. I pulled it to slightly higher ground, and away from the water. As I was pulling it toward my designated 'camp' area, I noticed something glinting in the sand. Wanting to put the box somewhere safe, I figured I would get back to that. I had nothing but time.
It had actually seemed a good place to make some kind of camp for me. I was already giving in to the fact that I might never be found. Opening the box was very easy, it seemed to give way quickly. I was surprised that everything inside was still dry. There were not many things in there, just a few rocks, some clothes, a tarp, also an empty book. It seemed like this was supposed to be some kind of survival kit, though it was not packed properly. The contents wouldn't help too much in keeping someone alive. Never-the-less at the time I was thankful for even that. The object that I had seen on the beach happened to be a hatchet. Maybe it had fallen out of the box? That made me think that the chest may have been packed fully and correctly, but opened and lost most materials when the ship wrecked. Knowing that it would be of use, I picked up the hatchet, and brought it back to camp.
I know it seems silly, but I am human, and a woman. I care for myself as much as I can. Sitting for a minute going through the items in the box, I happened to notice how dirty I was. I decided then to go for a dip and wash off as much as I could. My clothes would have to wait, but at least my body could be cleaner. Coming back from my swim, I saw a coconut tree. I climbed up, with the milk of a coconut on my mind. While I was at the top, or as close as I could get, I figured attempting a look around couldn't hurt. I saw nothing but the wreckage of the ship. No other signs of life, or any other land.
I picked a few coconuts, and dropped them . Reaching the ground myself, I located a sharp rock and drilled a hole into the coconut. The milk tasted nasty actually, and I discovered that I did not particularly care for coconut, the milk or the flesh. It was the only thing available at the time though, as I had not explored further yet. For the time being, that curbed my thirst and hunger.
I went back to my camp and noticed some scattered branches. It was getting colder, which made me realize that I would need a fire. Fire to keep warm, and to cook whatever food I happened to find. I grabbed the old hatched that I found and started hacking away to collect some fire wood. After I had gathered enough, actually plenty extra, I went back to camp to make my fire pit. Some stones lying around would make a good ring to contain the ashes and wood. I remembered the few rocks inside the survival chest and it dawned on me that those were probably to make fire. It took a few tries, but I finally did it. A few sparks came from striking the stones together and lit the kindling. I was so happy I had made a fire I cheered for myself. It seemed odd, yet reassuring to hear my own voice. I had not noticed how quiet everything was until the silence was broken.
I sat and warmed myself by the fire for a while, then thought about the empty book in the chest. I was going to make that into a diary. The diary of a shipwrecked woman. I wrote for an hour or so about everything that had happened. Also things I was planning. As I wrote I got tired. That made me think of somewhere to sleep, I had nowhere. There was enough wood gathered to make some kind of lean-to though. I got to work right away. The tarp in the chest had multiple holes in it, but still served as a good roof for my new shelter. It took a few hours for me to put it together, when I was finished it was pretty dark out. There was also a storm on the horizon, so I was happy to have somewhere to go and stay dry.
When everything was done and I stopped moving for a minute, I realized how tired I was. I put out my fire, so as not to attract any unwanted visitors and laid in the lean-to. The rain started to fall, which was surprisingly a very relaxing sound. It was not long before I was fast asleep.

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    Thank you for directing me here. I have thoroughly enjoyed the Fuller Legacy, enjoyed the heck out of Hank's story! Now looking forward to Citryne's story!