Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Chapters 4 & 5

Chapter 4 : Idol Hands
I guess sometime in the night while I was sleeping, Waiata made his way to my camp. Maybe he followed my scent or something. He made a few noises, on purpose I think, and I awoke. Still not to sure about how friendly his intentions were I moved slowly, so not to startle him.
I got out of my lean-to and started my fire. Even though the thought did cross my mind that Waiata might not like fire, as most wild animals, I needed one. I sat there and watched for a while, until the sun came up actually. Waiata just stood there, looking at me. It was like a stand off of some kind.
Finally I guess he gave in to nature, and used the bamboo bathroom. I wondered if he thought he was marking his territory. That was the same area I did my business. After he had finished he actually walked in my direction. I thought for a moment I would get some interaction, he did not seem grumpy in anyway, nor intimidating anymore. Then he turned and climbed up the coconut tree. I let out the breath I had not realized I was holding.
I gave Waiata time to get down and drink his coconut juice. He used the same rock I did to poke his own hole, imagine that. He was very intelligent. After he was finished, I offered to play his favorite game. Rather enthusiastically, he accepted and threw his arms up in the air, then played dead when he was shot. I also offered to groom him, get some twigs out of his fur and straighten him out. We played for just a little while longer, then Waiata walked off and fell asleep near the Idol. Maybe he remembered it, and it brought him comfort. Did he come to my camp to get it back, or maybe just be near it? Either way it seemed like Waiata was going to stay with me. For some reason I thought about having a job. If you do not keep your hands busy with something, you could get into trouble. I decided to call myself a gatherer. I would spend time every day to gather materials that may be of use to me. Now that I had Waiata to think about too, it seemed good to have my 'job'.
When Waiata fell asleep there it got me thinking. I decided to move my camp over to where Spaulding was. It was more protected over there, and a little nicer too. I had everything moved quicker than I thought, and even Waiata helped when he woke from his very short nap. I thanked Waiata for his help. I thought maybe if he could poke a hole in a coconut, maybe he could learn a basic language. I could communicate with him a little at least. I had to go out again, I still needed a rope for my raft, and maybe just to continue looking around for random things that might help.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Chapter 5 : The Eye That Binds
I walked to the next clearing, which I had dubbed "Broken Wings" because of the wreckage. I was going to sort through these items a little more in detail. Pick up anything that might do me good.
I did not find too many items that were usable, but still a good enough amount to satisfy curiosity. One thing I did find that really stuck out was a bright blue jewel. Actually it appeared to be the same shape as the hole in Spauldings head. I was excited to see if that is where it came from. A new urge came over me and I wanted to leave, but I still had one pile of junk to go through. That proved helpful, there were quite a few pieces of metal that I would be able to use for something. Maybe not my raft, but something.
By the time I got back to my camp, the sun had set. I could still see well by the moonlight though. Spaulding stood out, as if beckoning me toward him. Mindlessly I went. I pulled out that beautiful blue gem and judged the size in comparison to the hole in Spaulding. It seemed the same shape. Gingerly I placed that gem into the socket. Then I looked at it. It was a little crooked, so I straightened it.
Spaulding let out a horrible green smoke. Boy did it stink. When the smoke disapparated enough for me to breath without inhaling it, I said "Well EXCUSE YOU Spaulding!" I started to laugh, but then a very bad feeling came over me. I was going to be sick. I tried to swallow it down, but I was ill, there was no getting around it. That smoke had done something to me.
Knowing it would probably not help against weird island illness brought on by carved idols, I took a small swim. I had thought maybe if I washed of the remains of whatever Spaulding squirted out, it would help. It did not. After my swim I felt even more horrible. Maybe a rest would make me feel like myself again.
Try as I might, I could not fall asleep. I was too sick. I had to find something to help, or someone. I decided to explore a little more, see if I could find anything. I walked through some trees that I had not been through before. What I saw made me take and hold a breath. It was beautiful. There was a house! Well maybe more of a shack, but still. It seemed unoccupied, and looked like it had been that way for a while. It was set next to a beautiful lagoon, complete with waterfall. It really was lovely.
I was just about to enter the shelter when I noticed a pile of junk at the base of the stairs. I went through it and grabbed what I might be able to use. Up the stairs I went, and wouldn't you believe it, the first thing that met my eye was a medical kit. Eagerly I went to it, and opened the lid. There were band aids, ointment, and a wrapping of some kind. There was also a bottle of liquid. I turned the bottle in my hand and read the label. "Anti-toxin : Cures most diseases" Slightly unsure, but feeling even more horrible than I did ten minutes prior, I opened the cork and downed the liquid. It felt as if I had swallowed a handful of prickers. My stomach turned over and I fell to the floor. I guess I passed out then, because that is the last thing I remember of that. I have no idea how long I had been out of it, but when I came to, I felt awesome. I had been cured, I just knew it. I was so energized and ready to go. I thought of Waiata, like I said, I had no idea how long I was asleep. Was it still the same night? I went back to my camp to see how my friend was doing. Waiata was fine. Though he did make a big mess of my camp. It did seem like it was still the same night that I left. Maybe I was not asleep long. The first thing I am going to do in the morning is move. I have given up the idea of rescue coming to me, and if I was stuck here until I could get off the island on my own, I might as well be comfortable.


  1. ohhhhh cool update! Bad Spaulding! Cant wait to find out who's house that is or was???

  2. Yes, very good update! This story is getting more and more intriguing. I was really surprised when she found the house.