Friday, December 10, 2010

Chapters 6 & 7

Chapter 6: A Brand-New Day
As soon as the sun hit my eyes that morning, I was up and packing. Truly excited to move into the house by the lagoon, I packed as quickly as I could. Waiata looked a little confused at all the commotion. Even though I knew he couldn't quite understand, while I packed, I told him about the house and that we would be moving there. It took a little bit of coaxing, but Waiata finally came with me. When we arrived both of us just kind of stood there for a moment taking in our new surroundings. It was a palace compared to my little lean-to on the beach. There was even a rain tower. It saved any water from the rainfall to use, maybe for a nice bath or something of the sort. It was time to go inside my new home and look around.
There were a few handmade decorations, though not many. The best thing, was rope. There was rope and lots of it! I gathered up as much as I could and ran back to the beach. Even though I found a better place to stay, I had not given up on my raft. For some reason, Waiata followed me back to the beach. Maybe he thought we were moving back.
I tied the ends of the bamboo to the base of the raft as tight as I could. It seemed sturdy enough. After I had finished lashing everything together I stood back and thought about what to do next. If it was to move in the water in any way it would need either a motor or a sail. There was really slim to no chance of getting a gas powered motor on a deserted island. So I settled for a sail. That wouldn't leave me stranded in the middle of the ocean either, since it wouldn't run out of gas. I thought briefly of the tarp I used for my lean-to, and I could use that for the actual sail, but I need a mast first. I'd have to look for a sturdy pole of some kind. For now though, I was tired and hungry so I made my way back to my new home. Waiata followed. I started a fire in a pit, even though there was a type of grill thing behind me. I was so used to cooking over the open fire, I decided to use the pit. I did not have any fish, but I did have plenty of fruit, so I actually roasted a few fruit kabobs with some nearby sticks. They really were delicious. Full of fruit and happy to have somewhere comfortable to sleep, I walked inside and climbed into the hay stuffed bed. It felt wonderful compared to the ground, and I was asleep in seconds. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Chapter 7: The Shady Lagoon That bed was so comfortable, I slept what seemed like forever. I slept so deeply, nothing would have woken me. When my body decided I had rested enough is when I woke. Having nothing but fruit for dinner, I woke up hungry. I thought about breakfast. Then I remembered that with the rope there was also some twine, and small pieces of metal. Smiling to myself I wondered if there were any fish in the lagoon. I grabbed a stick and made my own fishing pole out of it, using that twine. I also fashioned a small hook with the shards of metal I found. Worms were everywhere, so I dug some up and used them for bait.
Fishing was tougher than I thought it would be. My first cast I guess was a little hard. I flipped my own body over and landed on my butt. Not discouraged I tried again. And failed again. Practice makes perfect right? Pretty soon I had the baited hook in the water. Now it was a waiting game, though I was worried my growling stomach might scare the fish away. I did not actually have to wait long before there was a snag on my line, so I pulled and tugged. Finally I yanked the fish from the water. It was a really nice size. I couldn't wait to cook it, but mostly eat it.
After eating, I spent the rest of the day gathering my supplies. There was wood lying around, perfect for firewood. There were multiple banana trees, and I harvested those for Waiata and I. I did leave one tree full so if I was gone Waiata could help his self to a snack. Before I knew it the sun was starting to set. There would be no exploring that day, it would have to wait. I swam in the lagoon for my bath. It felt a lot better than the ocean. This was a freshwater pond. No salt to stick to my body. I felt cleaner than I had in days. Feeling so good, I climbed into my bed and probably fell asleep before my head hit the pillow. I did not sleep quite as long as I did the first night. I was up before the sun. That day I was going to take Spaulding, and we were going to go explore. I don't know why I wanted him to come with me, but I did. We had some fruit breakfast and I also packed a couple of bananas to take with me.
Spaulding and I walked into the woods. After a little traveling, we came upon some kind of rock and stone structure. The center was the highlight of the area, and it seemed to house something. We went a little closer to inspect. I couldn't see what was inside. The entrance had to much bamboo growing in front of it.
I started hacking and cutting down the barricade. Finally I cleared the way and saw nothing but a stone altar of some sort. I thought of Spaulding. He was still right outside the entrance, but this altar's circle looked just about the same size as the idol. I went to get him. Remembering what happened last time I included Spaulding in an experiment I did this very carefully. Not like that would have mattered. If something was going to happen I'm sure I could not have prevented it. Slowly I placed Spaulding on the altar. He fit perfectly. Actually, though I am sure it was my imagination, I swear I heard a sigh come from somewhere. Like a sigh of relief. When I stood back to look at Spaulding, his little gem eyes seemed to twinkle. I thought he was home, and I decided to leave him there. Though I was sad to do so, he seemed happy, as much as a wooden idol can seem happy anyway.
I stood there and talked to him for a minute, instead of just walking away. I explained that he looked so at home, and happy here, and I just couldn't continue carrying him around. Then out of nowhere I heard something behind me, and it startled me. When I turned to see what it was, I noticed a gate. The doors were open, maybe that is what made the sound. I wondered if returning Spaulding to his rightful place had unlocked and opened it. I looked at the idol one more time and waved goodbye. Then entered that door.
There was some brambles I had to get through, but when I got through I was met with another beach, and people. They all ran toward me when they saw me. All I could hear was them saying "OH yes! They found us" and "We're rescued!" After the noise subsided a little I asked who they were. They told me they were survivors from The Solomon Queen, a cruise ship. I was shocked. Then I thought about it for a moment. They thought I was coming to rescue them. "I'm not a rescue team, I am also a survivor. I was on the same ship I guess, just maybe washed ashore on another beach." I told them. There was a collective groan of disappointment. The other survivors were very upset, but it did not last long. Pretty soon they were asking if I had any food or a cell phone.

I talked to each person in turn, and asked things like, how they were surviving, what did they eat, if they had a raft started yet. They all told me about an 'old guy', that he was the one that brings food. There was no raft, nor anything of the sort. They were going to stay put and not do anything until rescue came to them. Each person also talked about a guy named Hugh. He seemed to be the leader of this rabble. I asked where to find him and they pointed toward one of the lean-to's that they had thrown together. I went and talked to him. He seemed very rude, and stuck up. He talked to me about and old guy too, and that he brought food, but he wouldn't be surprised if the guy never came back. Hugh said guy was always gone forever, and sometimes did not even bring anything to eat. He told me that the old guy was some kind of professor. Actually Hugh talked forever, and by the time I was able to go looking for the old man, night had fallen. I knew I couldn't look long, I was getting tired. But I asked Hugh which way the guy went and followed his point.

When I cut through some bushes and plants, I came to what looked like some kind of crossroad. There were three paths. One of them was blocked by a Jaguar, another was clear. The last path someone was standing in front of, blocking it. Actually he did not look at all happy to see me, he started yelling at me to leave, shooing me away. I only got a slight look at him before I obeyed his incessant orders and left. He seemd to be an islander. People did actually live here, somewhere. I was surprised. From the impression that guy left, they did not seem to welcoming, or friendly. I would have to investigate that more in the morning though. I could barley keep my eyes open as it was. I had to get back home and sleep. Also I had to tell Waiata what I had found! As I returned home I wondered if Waiata held secrets he couldn't share about the island.


  1. I love that she decided to talk to Waiata even though he "couldn't quite understand her". I do that with my cat! LOL

    I'm wondering if these other survivors are going to be losers and expect to get Citryne to hand over whatever she has and find food for them.

  2. If I were her, I would talk to Waiata often lol

    The survivors, oh man I dislike Hugh, so does everyone. He's a real tool. The others are okay though.