Tuesday, December 5, 2017

The Last Day

This story was written for my Monthly SimLit Challenge, this months theme being "Reminiscence".

I hope you enjoy the story, but you might want to grab a tissue. (maybe)

Happy Simming, and creative writing!


The Last Day

     Here we sit, just you and I, on this cold and unforgiving linoleum floor. It's a small room, not much bigger than a large bathroom. There is a soft blanket beneath me that keeps me from shivering, but what keeps me warm are your soft hands. With one, you stroke my shoulder, and it feels so nice. The other cradles my head, a very comforting action. You smell of vanilla, just like you always do. I hear you talking to me, your voice is very soothing. When that little laugh escaped your lips it made me think of other times I've heard you giggle.

     Like that one time, we were at the park. The whole family. Your young ones were off on the slide, or the swing. The man of the house watched them, like the good father he was. I watched too, happy on the sidelines. It was a bright day, the sun high. Not too many clouds in the sky. A warm wind blew through every once in a while, carrying the salty scent of the nearby beach. I was already happy just because I had been invited to come along. Then you offered me a game of catch! That's when I'd hear it. That laugh. You'd always chuckle when I would run the ball or stick back to you, saying that my cheeks did funny things when I ran. You probably never knew, and I wish I could tell you now, I would do that on purpose. Just to see you smile and hear the laugh that echos through the air now. Just to feel your arms wrap around my neck and bury your face in my fur while you giggle. Those were happy times. Now, as I lay here in your lap, I wonder if you're remembering the same things as I am.

     A man walks in, dressed in a long white coat and white shoes. I heard you tell the man that you could handle it, and to tell you the truth. I know what he's going to say. You're trying to be tough. You've always been that way. Like when we went to the beach. I know you dislike the beach, hate the sand that gets everywhere. The salt that makes you feel sticky after getting out of the warm water. I would watch, when you rub that stuff all over your children to keep the sun from reddening their skin. I would feel your emotions when you'd shudder and wipe the rest off your hands, but you'd grin at the kids before they went off to play. I'd smile inwardly, knowing you did it all for your family. A family that I felt good to be a part of. When everyone else was busy building sand castles, or collecting shells. You and I would sit and enjoy the air. Here, between the piers, at the shore, there was always wind. I'd feel it rustle through my fur, cooling me off. The sun was intense on beach days and it warmed me to my core. The breeze always helped me to not get overly hot though. When everyone was happy and it was just us sitting on our blanket, I'd nudge your arm. You look at me and smile knowingly. Excitement brought me to my paws as I watch you dig through your bag. You always thought of everyone, I know what's in there. A little yip would escape my jowls when my favorite stuffed toy came into view. My chest would hit the floor, and my rump up in the air. I was always ready to play. 'Keep Away' was a favorite game of mine, and wrestling too. We'd move off to the side and play. I feel the warm gritty sand between the pads on my feet, and watch your own toes disappear underneath it. As uncomfortable as I knew you were, you still smiled at me. When you had enough, you'd hug me. Your arms wrapped around me and would squeeze me tight. I loved that.

     Now, I feel you tremble, even though you try hard to hide it. The man in white strokes my ribs with his large but gentle hands. They don't feel as good as yours do, scratching my chin. A little groan comes from my throat. You get close and ask if I'm okay, kiss my head, and rub my ears. That was always something you did while we sat on the couch together, when the house was quiet because the kids were at school. We'd sit and watch the television while you'd absentmindedly stroke my fur. As I got older, those are some of my favorite days. When we could just sit there together and not have to do anything. The sounds and smells of our home filling the space. Sometimes you'd watch movies in the bed and even let me jump up there with you. Those were special times. Your bed was soft and I'd fall asleep fast right next to you.

     I heard it. You sniffled. The man offered you a box. You pulled a little tissue out of it and thanked him. That tissue reminds me of the times you were sick. I'd snuggle with you when you felt that way. A woman joined us in the small room. She smelled weird, like plastic almost, and that nasty stuff you put under my fur sometimes. You'd say it was to "Keep the fleas away" and that it was to keep me healthy. I never did like that stuff, but I was happy you wanted to protect me. Sometimes you'd forget though, and I'd get those little bugs all over me. They did itch something awful. When you'd notice me scratching often, you'd check me over. Running your fingers through my long fur, all over my belly. Checking all those spots that were itchy. It actually felt really good when you'd do that. I'd stay still and let you look. I would hear you sigh when you found a bunch of fleas. "Bath time!", you'd say. I didn't hate a bath, but wasn't the best time of my life either. Sometimes, you'd take a hairdryer to blow my fur out. I did have a very thick coat, and it would take a long time to dry otherwise, so I appreciated those days.

      With the woman in here now too, it was getting crowded in this tiny room. The man stands up and does some stuff that I can't see. When I heard you sniff again I glanced your way. There were tears on your face. I didn't want you to cry. I wanted to share these memories with you, will you to see what I see. In my later years, there was less rambunctious playing and more walking. Those walks were the best time of day for me. Sometimes you'd take me with you to the bus stop, when you'd see your little ones off to school. That was always fun. I got to meet some new people and sometimes, they would bring their dogs too! I loved it when I could hang out with them. After everyone was gone from the bus stop, you'd walk with me around the neighborhood. Those were good days. Even though there was no boisterous activity, I felt the love, and we were together.

     Just a few days ago, I made a mess in the house. You didn't get mad. You knew I couldn't help it, you just cleaned it up and took me outside for a while. Dad didn't believe you, but you knew. I wouldn't have much longer with you. I remember not wanting to eat, the food was too crunchy and hard on my teeth. You saw that, and helped me out. That night I had some delicious stuff from a can, mixed with some rice. Boy did I eat that up, it was one of the best things I'd tasted! Thanks for that.

     Today, you brought me here, and I know what for. It's okay though. We've had our time, and you made it wonderful. I hear you whisper to me, and though I don't understand your words, I know you are worried. Your warm fingers stroke my fur, very comforting. I feel you squeeze me tighter and it makes me wish I could hug you back. I feel a pin prick in my thigh, it didn't hurt. Getting pretty relaxed now. I can still feel you, my head in your lap and your hands touching me. Makes me smile. If I had one wish, it would be to talk. Just so I could tell you that you made life worth living. I love you. With all my heart and soul. You did alright, and I'll miss you too.


This story is dedicated to my fuzzy love that is no longer with us, "Jake".

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Just One Sim - A Sims 4 Challenge

"Just One Sim" challenge

Are you looking for an interesting challenge? Try this out!

This challenge has been play tested by me, I did find it difficult at times, but I managed to do it without cheating! I was amazed and delighted. This particular sim of mine hasn't died yet, but she has sure enjoyed a full life and is now retired.

I don't know if you're like me, and have to be in control of every one and every thing in the world... oh wait, you're a Sims player. You do, don't you? Well, how about this instead... Lets try a family that you have no control over. None but one. How do you think this will turn out? I'll say, when I did it, it was as close to real life as I've ever played sims! Things turned out crazy at times, and frustrating but always fun and challenging. Let's get you started...

Set up:

Create your household!
  • You can have as many sims of any age as you want, but at least one has to be a toddler. This sim will be you.
Move in your household!
  • NO cheating for money
  • Move into a house that suits your family, and budget. You don't want to rack those bills up and be unsure if your family can pay them.
Set yourself up!
  • Set your life span to normal (or whatever you want actually, doesn't matter! The shorter it is, the harder it is)
  • At this time, you may have each adult in the household get a job. You may have any job you choose, but there is no cheating to give your family higher paying jobs. They start at the bottom. If you have the 'Get to Work' expansion, you may use those jobs but you MUST choose to 'Send Alone' when it's time to go in. You cannot select that sim and join them at work.
  • You may hire a maid if you wish. You cannot use a phone when in toddler stages, or child stages, so if you want a maid do it now! It is acceptable to hire a made after your selected sim has aged to a teen. (Might want to make sure you save on money and not hire anyone at this time)
  • You may enter buy mode only after aging to a teen, so make sure to set yourself up for a baby/toddler/child before starting your play! You may not spend money on the household until you are able to contribute some cash to the house finances.
Play the game!

  1. You may not, at any time, select another family member. If you do - you technically lose the challenge! Keep away! Not even to 'check up on their needs'.
  2.  When it's time for a birthday you may not select an adult sim to bake a cake! Suffer through the sadness of a forgotten birthday - or find another way to get a cake without switching control or using a phone in toddler/child stages.(I don't even know if that's possible)
  3. Autonomy must be on full so the other sims may do as they need to.
  4. You can enable, or disable autonomy on the selected sim (you) if you wish. It's up to you.
  5. If all the adults in your household have a job, and are all gone, you must select to HIRE A BABYSITTER when they all leave.
  6. No phone usage of any kind for toddler life. You may use the phone when you enter child years and any time after.
  7. No ordering pizza until you have a job. Part time as a teenager is acceptable.
  8. There are no restrictions on leaving the home lot. (Depending on the age you are currently at) As a toddler and child, you may not drive, so can't go anywhere that you cannot walk to. Any place that you can get to via walking is acceptable.
  9. No one in your house may run a restaurant or retail business. When your sim becomes of age, you may do so, but not anyone else. Remember, never select another sim.
***** TWO exceptions for selecting another sim:
  • If there is a house fire, you may select someone to put it out, and replace burnt objects.(Until you are of age to do so yourself)
  • When bills are due, you may select another sim to pay them via mailbox, phone, or PC.(Until you are of age to do so yourself)    

Those are the base rules of the challenge. You are all set up. Keep reading for rules on the separate life stage requirements.

  1. You may NOT select another sim to have them take care of you.
  2. Earn level 3 in each toddler skill.
  3. Max two toddler skills
  1. Get an A in school
  2. Build all child skills to at least 3
  3. Max one child skill
  4. Complete one child aspiration
  1. Get an A in school
  2. Get 4 skills to level 4
  3. Max 2 selected skills
  4. You may get a part time job if you wish - to pay for that pizza you might get, or maid that needs paid.
  5. You can enter Buy mode at any time now, to obtain what you require for life. You may also expand or change the house if you need to.
  6. Feel free to bake a cake for that birthday of yours that's coming up.
  1. Get a full time job. If you have "Get to Work" you can definitely get an interactive job!
  2. You can choose to move out of your family home now.
  3. If you have "Dogs and Cats", feel free to get a pet.
  4. Go through two romantic relationships. Not two at once (unless you're into that kind of thing ;)), but you don't want to settle down with the first person you meet!
  5. You may invite anyone you want to live with you. You may NOT control them in any way. Not even selecting them to 'check up on their needs'.
  6. Build 5 skills to level 6
  7. Max 3 selected skills
  8. Complete one Aspiration
  9. Get married (or wait until adulthood)
  10. Have a child (or wait until adulthood)
  1. Get married    
  2. Have children! Must have at least one, more if you choose. You may NOT select your children for any reason. Not to control, nor to 'check up on needs'.
  3. Reach the top of your current career.
  4. IF you have "Parenthood", influencing your child makes life easier! Tell them to bathe when they stink or go to bed at a decent hour. Do not select your child to see what else they need.
  5. Make sure there are always leftovers in the fridge for your family.
  6. Complete another Aspiration!
  7. Max 2 additional skills
  8. Don't let anyone in your household die.
  9. You may quit your job if there is another adult in the household that is still has one.
  10. Don't be like your parents, bake a cake for your kids on their birthdays!
  1. Retire if you haven't quit already.    
  2. You've earned some relaxation time! Do what you want. Though, do NOT select any other sims yet... you're still kickin.
  3. You should have (at least) 7 skills maxed by now... Max out another one!

If' you've managed to make it to Death without selecting, or controlling any sim but the one you chose to be YOU, congratulations! You've won the challenge!

There is no point system on this challenge just yet. Feel free to make suggestions for anything. Was it too easy? Too hard? I'm always open to new ideas. Or you can just tell me this was no fun, that's okay too. ;)

Happy Simming!

This challenge is very similar to another challenge I've run across. Check out the 'Single Sim Challenge' ! Enjoy challenging yourself in a variety of ways. Try and create your own unique challenge! Everybody loves new and interesting things to try in their games.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Scaredy Cat - the Movie!

I guess I just completely didn't post the link to the movie! xD! Now, years later, here it is.

Scaredy Cat
/\ Click to view

I hope you enjoy it.

I would love to get back into making my sim movies, but I need some software first.