Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Chapter 12 and Poll

Chapter 12

Following Nahini, I walked through the woods. She was younger than I, and I had a difficult time keeping up some of the way, but I managed. When we arrived at the village I was greeted again by Rarahu, Chief's personal guard.

"Chief would like you to get a real feel for our village, and it's inhabitants before he speaks with you personally." Rarahu said. "Uhm, okay." Hesitantly I agreed and got the names of four more apparently single villagers. Rarahu was kind enough to point them out to me, but then left my side. I went in search of my soon to be new acquaintances.
Rainui was the first I met. She was a very built woman and actually was slightly intimidating to me. She offered me a gift of food, and we chatted until just after dark. "You look strong, but you could do better." Rainui told me. "The body draws strength from the mind and heart as well as muscle. I will work all three until you beg for mercy and rest. Though I do think you will enjoy my training." I couldn't be positive, but it sounded to me like she was referring to something other than actual exercise. I bid her farewell and went to find another new friend.

I met Tumata second. She also gifted me some food. I was beginning to think the Islanders found me too skinny. Or maybe they just know how valuable food can be. "I have heard others talk about you," Tumata began, "but seeing you... makes butterflies dance in my stomach. I have been waiting a long time for the right person. I am done waiting. Who is to say what is right anyway?" I was getting used to these kind of responses, but sometimes they still threw me for a loop. I guessed gender did not matter to these people. I though, would always prefer the opposite sex. I agreed with her statement, and told her it should not be long. "The moment you give up on searching for something is the moment you will find it, Tumata. Have faith." I said as I walked away. I hoped she did not think I meant myself. Originally I was going to try and meet all four villagers that night, but I was too bushed. I headed back home for the night and got some good sleep. The next morning I ate some breakfast with Waiata. He seemed really happy living with me, and spent time with me anytime I was around. Though he did wander off into the woods frequently. I asked him if he was visiting his other family, all he did was grunt in return but I think he found it interesting to hear me talk. After our shared breakfast I was back on my way to find the remaining islanders to meet.

Just as I got to the village I spotted Ahio. He seemed to be fishing but invited the interruption. "I spend many hours standing in this ocean, spear in hand, rarely do I have the fish to show for it." He told me. "It is funny how much time we can waste looking in the wrong place, for the wrong fish. When all along the right fish may be swimming directly to us. Only not to be noticed or caught." Then his look changed, stared at me in a way that made me catch my breath. "Am I to catch a fish today? Or go home empty handed.... again?" I was not sure how to respond to him really. I made the most awkward comment of all "Uh... just.. keep, uh, casting that line out there buddy." I patted his shoulder. "You'll get something." I looked back as I walked off, and thought I saw him touching his skin where my hand had been, with a hopeful look on his face.

I found Akolo being groomed by and Orangutan. When I got close enough, I noted that it was Tiki he was with. She seemed not to recognize me as I approached and she left. I greeted Akolo and he seemed happy to see me. I wondered what he had in store to say as he offered his gift of random resources. "I have had many girlfriends... but none with beauty like that of a full eclipse - - completely binding." Akolo said, and I blushed. "With my reputation and your looks, our nights would not be boring." He looked at me adoringly and said, "If I had a jar of light I would keep it by my bed to remind me of you." Just about as awkward as I was with Ahio, I told him, "I'll, uh, keep an eye out for something, yeah, for something like that. Thanks for the gift." I turned to leave but was greeted by Rarahu again. "Chief Manave will see you now." That was all he said. Then he walked toward the center of the village. Akolo looked highly upset to see me leave, but I was being summoned. I followed Rarahu. I was beginning to want to get out of this village anyway, the feelings here were coming on pretty strong. I needed a hormonal break.

"Welcome. I am Chief Fanglaloka. Thank you for the life of my daughter." The Chief said. At first I had really worried what he would be like, but this old man seemed the nicest - and least interested in me - person I had met yet. "This is the Volcano Festival. Please, I ask you to be my honored guest. Follow me to the Festival site, it is nearly prepared." I did as he requested and followed him onto another path leading through the jungle. For an old guy, he was surprisingly fast. While we walked my mind kind of wandered a little bit. I said to myself, 'Imagine that, me, Citryne, an honored guest at the Volcano Festival!' Then another thought came... 'I hope by "honored guest" they do not mean "human sacrifice." My step faltered as this entered my head, but I quickly regained my composure so as not to loose the Chief. They just would not be so friendly toward me if they intended on.... that. ... Right?

When we arrived at a beautiful and hilly area, he stopped in the middle. He turned to me. "These are the hot springs. Citryne, I am very glad you came - I have a gift for you." Chief Fanglaloka said. For a moment I got nervous. "This is how we communicate on the island. You are the first outsider to get one." He handed me a shell. A rather large one, but inside were some of the strangest things I had seen. It resembled a cell phone though. I figured that is what it was. I chuckled to myself and thought to call it my shell phone. The Chief continued, "It is tradition that the honored guest choose a date for the Festival. Call them with that. Choose anyone you have met in your journey to me." He placed his hand on my shoulder and stared at my face. "Choose wisely my dear, for it may be who you could spend the rest of your life with. ... How ever long that might be." Fear flickered through my eyes, then he laughed. "That was a little Native humor, fear not my dear. So who shall your date be?" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Poll ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Candidate Pictures ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ TIMOTI EMOBI


AKOLO ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

I hope you enjoyed this chapter. Cast your votes soon, I would love to see who ends up being her date! Thanks for your participation, and I hope you like putting your choices into the story as much as I do.


  1. Wow, these natives are all over her! They seem to be a little preoccupied ROFL...I chose Akolo; he was the most complimentary and the remark about keeping a jar of light by his bed to remind him of Citryne was sweet. :D These polls are fun. I'd add one to my stuff but you're the only one reading it that I can tell LOL

  2. Yeah it seems these villagers have a one track mind lol. That is a good choice! I reserve my judgement until I have more votes, I may need to be a tie breaker hehe