Monday, January 3, 2011

Chapters 13 & 14

Chapter 13

I stood for a brief moment in disbelief. A date? Okay, I guess that would not be a problem. I did find myself attracted to one or two of the villagers I had met. One in particular stood out better than the rest. I thought about the man I had already chosen. Then, as if I was smacked back to reality, I jumped slightly at the 'ahem' of the Chief. He could obviously tell that I was slightly distracted. "Do you know who you wish to invite?" Cheif Fanglaloka inquired. "I know you have many optio.." I interrupted him accidentally. "Yes I know, I have chosen. Shall I call now?" "The festival will not start until you do my dear. Try and make it quick, our tribe wishes to celebrate!" He smiled and urged me to pick up the shell phone. I did.

Seeing my confusion, the Chief helped me to understand how to use the calling device. I was to blow into it, then speak the name of the person to call. Pretty simple actually, though I am still not positive of precisely how it worked. Akolo answered very quickly. "Hello, it is I, Akolo. Who may I ask is calling?" He may have asked who it was but there was a tone in his voice that made me think he already knew, and was expecting the call. I was a little nervous, especially since the Chief was still standing right there, watching and listening. "Uh... It is Citryne, uhm, I was calling to tell you... Well what I want to know is, Okay," Why was this so hard? I took a deep breath and started over. "I would be honored if you would go with me, the honored guest, to the Volcano Festival. Will you?" "Then you will be very honored indeed. I would love to go with you. I was hoping you would ask." Akolo replied, he sounded so sure of himself. I let out the breath I did not know I was holding. Akolo really did have a way with words. "Oh great, okay well whenever you are ready, I'm here." I said. He made a quick farewell and we disconnected the line.

Cheif Fangaloka swooned in my direction. "That was so sweet. You made a good choice. Akolo is a great man. He will suit you well, and provide for you should you need it." At that moment the Chief looked over my shoulder and smiled. He bid me to get the party started and started getting in the nearest hot spring. At first I did not know what he meant, but then I turned and saw Akolo coming.

For some reason, seeing him walking toward me made my knees tremble. "He is so awesome, I'm so glad I met him. This is my new favorite Festival." That was the only thought in my head as Akolo approached. Looking back now, maybe I should have thought of something to say. "Hi" I said. That was all I could spit out. He had rendered me speechless just by being there. Akolo chuckled lightly at my nervousness. I hoped he could not hear my heart pounding in my chest, because I could. He said his hello to me, though I do not remember his exact words. Something he did say, brought a question to my lips. "What is the Volcano Festival anyway?" I asked. "It is a long story, do you have time?" He tilted his head just slightly when he asked, which almost made me forget his question instantly. He was so cute when he did that. I gave him a small nod and said "Of course." Akolo took my hand and we walked and talked. He did almost all of the talking. "This festival marks the day the volcano arose from the sea, alive with plants, animals and our tribe. It is a sacred celebration to our people. The first Chief arrived already seated in his throne and the first Shaman had his staff in hand. Tuku Tuzu was the Shaman, and he and the Chief loved each other much like brothers." He paused. "Play a game with me and I shall tell you more."
I found myself entranced by his story, and definitely wanting to hear more. I agreed to a game with him, and he held out his hands. I was not sure at first what he wanted, then he explained the rules. He called this game 'Red Hands'. It was oddly fun, and once I got the hang of it, I won each time. Maybe he let me though, I was not sure. After a few rounds I looked up eagerly and asked for him to continue. "When the first Chief died, the Shaman went mad with grief. He spent every waking moment making new potions. He wanted a potion to cheat death itself, and would stop at nothing to get it. He was soon consumed by greed and his lust for power. This Festival is a time of second chances, a time to witness the power of the volcano, of our tribe, and of love." He paused again. "I am happy to be sharing this with you." Before I knew it he leaned forward and gave me a big hug. I think my heart skipped a few beats when he did this, and I felt heat rise to my face. He felt so good. As he held me in that embrace, for just mere moments, my knees began to tremble again. Akolo's scent was very alluring, before I knew it my whole body was responding to his touch. It felt like a fever had set in, though I knew it was not quite that which made me flush so. I spotted a nearby bench and was thankful for an object to use with an excuse.
"My feet are a little tired," I said shakily, "shall we sit?" I invited Akolo to sit with me, and he accepted. Before long we began to cuddle as he continued the story. As he talked and held me close I felt the crush come on strong. I really liked Akolo, I hoped he felt the same, or at least close to it, as I did. "Chief Manave believes," He continued "several years ago Shaman Tama invited outsiders to witness this festival." He paused, I think it was for dramatization. I fell into the trap. "What happened? What outsiders? The pilot??" I drilled. He looked at me with laughing eyes, knowing that he had completely captured my attention. "The next day Shaman lost all of his power. Some say the Volcano took it back. Others think it was the outsiders that stole it. The topic is still up for debate." Akolo said. "What happened to the outsiders?" I asked again, getting a little anxious now. "Well, uh, They are no longer with us." He said, his eyes smiled with delight again. "Oh right, gotcha. So what's the deal with the festival now?" I was no longer curious about the other outsiders, maybe I really did not want to know. The festival still intrigued me.
"After the power was stolen, the Volcano Festival became a time to celebrate life and court a mate." The last three words he spoke seemed to echo in my head. I thought on them, so hard in fact that I hadn't noticed Akolo stood up. "I have to bid you farewell now my sweet." Akolo said, "I hope to see you when the sun rises tomorrow." He embraced me again. When he did, all the words I had been planning to speak faded into nothing and all that remained were "Of course you will. Goodnight Akolo." I was not really ready for him to leave, but it was really late, and most villagers were parting ways. I had not actually noticed anyone else before this time, I didn't care about anyone but Akolo.
I noticed that Emobi was standing by what looked like a bar. I then noticed that I was thirsty and I asked him for a glass of whatever he was serving. He smiled and began mixing me a drink. As he did so, The Chief approached me. He had seen Akolo leaving and wished to say a few words. "My people like you. Akolo really does. You are welcome to live among us if you wish. I want to give you something to remember your time here ... with Akolo." He seemed to be able to sense how I really felt about Akolo and was using it as a tool, to get me to stay. Chief Fangaloka gave me a hot tub to remember the Festival. Though I could not carry it around, he told me to pick it up whenever I wanted to. The Chief bid me goodnight and went home. Emobi handed me the drink he had made and said goodnight himself. While I drank I thought of The Chiefs offer. He wanted me to live with them. If I moved to the village I may never want to leave. Akolo lived in the village. What would my life be like? I would never find out who I was. Could I do that?
I decided to head to what I called home, since it was so late. As I walked I tried hard to get my mind off of Akolo. He had made quite an impression on me. My body still remembered his touch, and his embrace. My senses still held his smell. I shook my head and tried to focus on getting through the woods, to my home. I thought that I would say hello to Waiata and take a quick dip in the lagoon before sleeping. Then I thought of Akolo, and wondered if he liked to swim. I had failed to stop thinking of him. Smiling, I entered my Shady Lagoon. I was met with a big, and unwanted surprise.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Chapter 14 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Those crazy survivors were here! And what a mess they had made! Waiata ran up to me as if to tell me what was happening, but of course, I couldn't understand most of it. I did get some of the signs he made though. He was just as unhappy with the intrusion as I was. I noticed they had put up multiple lean-to's and another fire pit. In my absence they had decided to move in. This is what being nice gets you. Nothing but trouble. As I looked around in disbelief, something caught my attention. Hugh had noticed my arrival and was doubled over in laughter at me. I may have been mad before, but seeing him made me absolutely livid.
I marched my way over to him as quick as possible. I knew he had to be behind the invasion. Even before I reached him completely I started laying in on him. He seemed unbothered by my anger. "What have you done to my home?" I was so angry I thought my words woudn't come out right, but they did. "Just a little rearranging... for efficiency ya know. Why?" Hugh asked. He stood there so proud of himself. I could have smacked him. "WHY?! Because I... You... Oh, forget it!" I was wrong about my words, maybe the first question came okay, but from then on they were lost. I couldn't quite get out the anger I felt, then I thought of something. "I'm so out of here, Good luck Hugh." I stomped away. As I was leaving he asked "Where are you going?" "What do you care? I'll tell you when you find me! Enjoy the lagoon, it's all yours now." I shouted as I left in a huff.
I saw Hugh run to the ladies nearby and overheard him laughing and saying that he had 'sealed the deal' that they lived there now. I rolled my eyes. I then noticed the proffesor standing there watching the scene. What was that look in his eyes? Pity? Maybe, but either way I thought he might be part of this anyway. I was angry at him as well.
As I walked to the Professor, I passed Robby and Emma. I could see by Robby's face that he was smitten with Emma, and her with him. For the briefest of moments I thought of Akolo and it made me smile, unknowingly. My next thought was 'Fate had a way of taking control when you are blissfully unaware'. Those thoughts were brought back to the problem at hand when my eyes drifted again upon the Professor, though now I was slightly (only slightly) less angry, and walked a little lighter. "I can not deal with you people anymore. I'm leaving." I said to the Professor. As if to attempt to be kept in my good graces he replied "That is completely understandable dear... but what of your raft project?" His quetion angered me more, of course that's all he cares about! "YOU finish it, you guys will be fine here until you do." "Where are you going?" He asked me. I thought of keeping that information from him, but figured the Tribe wouldn't let him near anyway so I said "I'll be rooming with the Villagers." Then I walked out. I was moving in with them. This thought hit me as I walked back through the woods. I was moving in with the tribe. I would get to see Akolo more often. This made me smile. Aparently I had stayed up all night. As I trekked back to the village square the sun began to rise. My thoughts strayed upon the Chief, his wife, and their daughter. Also, and mostly, I thought of Akolo. His warm body, and tantalizing smell.


  1. Whew! This story is REALLY heating up especially in regard to Akolo! :D But I must admit I still have one or two little qualms about the Tribe's possible real goal. I sure wouldn't want to find out they're cannibals or headhunters or plan to sacrifice Citryne to the volcano god! But then, if they were like that, the stinky survivors would have lost their heads long ago. Don't you just hate Hugh?! LOL I'd love to see him and Akolo duke it out :)

  2. I enjoy reading this update :D It's fun. I hope they don't sacrifice her lol that would be rude! haha

    Yes Hugh is quite a ... well he's something else. That would be cool, as long as Akolo won ! <3