Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Chapter 7: A new set

     Met a girl at the gym. She seems pretty hard core actually. I don't think there's an ounce of fat on her anywhere. We talked for a few minutes. She's not real pretty... nor is she real interesting. Just a hot bod.

     I decided that I'd had enough of a work out for the day. Maybe I'll get home.

      Figures, twenty minutes into my favorite show the TV breaks. I'm not a big mechanic yet, so a little nervous about fixing it.
     Good reasons for that too.
     It doesn't feel great to be electrocuted! I can tell you that for sure. Boy that racked my nerves. Made me real antsy - even after my shower. I knew there was really only one way to fix this feeling. 

     When I stepped outside I realized it was still daylight. Gotta find some way to waste time. I'm hungry - dinner would take long enough.

     Had dessert too. It was so good, I was impressed. That doesn't happen often. After dinner I decided to walk home. It'd be good for me... and I needed to scratch that itch.

     Unfortunately everywhere I went, there was someone else too. After walking nearly all over town I chose to go home to bed. Maybe tomorrow.

     Had pancakes in the morning, and soon after my daily workout my work carpool arrived. 

     I walked home from work. No one was out now, it's 2am. Who would be? Aside me anyway - and maybe more like me.

     Passed by the local - and crappy - diner. There were a lot of cars out front. I think I'll diminish that number by one.

     Boy it was easy to wire, dropped it off at the body shop.

     That was such a thrill I stopped by the Science Lab too. Got a nice one there. Still not enough. I guess depriving myself last night kicked me into overdrive tonight.

     I planned to go home, but when I passed the dump and spotted another nice truck, I had to stop again. Got it. Perfect. All three vehicles were taken to the same body shop. Good thing they don't ask questions!

     Whew what a night. I have to leave for a quick trip to Egypt in the morning. Just for one small job - a stupid one if you ask me, but it pays well. In and out of a pyramid then home in the same day.

     When I got up I noticed that my cars had been delivered. Great! I think I like the black truck best. I'll use that as my personal vehicle. I loved that scene so much I had to take a picture of it. I'll frame it too. Though I may need to find somewhere else to put them, this may look conspicuous.

     Flight leaves in an hour, off to the airport.


  1. Whew! We almost lost Luca there for a minute! Not yet, Sim Girl!!! Nice in TS3 that you can actually see the Sims while working at their job. He sure has no conscience whatsoever but he's kinda yummy. (I always did like bad boys. To my regret lol)

  2. Wow, that is quite a collection of cars. LOL