Friday, August 5, 2011

Chapter 8: Visiting Death's Domain

     Long flight for such a short trip. I mean how many hours was I on that flight? Just to get a couple of flame fruits for my boss's wife? Apparently she wanted to grow some in her garden, but couldn't get the seeds locally. Boss knows I don't like Egypt much, he must really hate me - sending me there so often.

     Got into the pyramid okay, and used the key I was given. There were many traps to get past, but having previous experiences with them I fared pretty well. Disarmed some, and just skipped right over some.

     Finding the final room in the whole thing was pretty cool. The room was mostly lit by the flame fruits. The corners were lit by some kind of flaming statues, pretty neat too.

     My flight home was easy, sleeping anyway. Might not have been so easy awake. I'm starting to dislike flying just as much as the heat of Egypt.

     Before I left on my trip I hired someone to build a basement, with car access, for all my, umm personal vehicles. When I got home, that was the first thing I checked out. Awesome, now I have a great area to hide my cars.

     Feel like I haven't worked out in a while. Flexing my muscles made me realize how weak I felt. Straight to they gym. That girl was there, I don't even remember her name but at least I got to check her ass out again - it's a nice one.

     I felt so good afterwards I was actually smiling when I got to work. I jogged there, that's always extra refreshing. After work I went for a walk - you know the type of walk I mean. That searching for something to steal walk.

     I happened across the graveyard.

     So glad I have a truck. It would be fairly difficult to get this huge statue home without one. A bench to match is perfect.

     The trucks pretty weighed down now, running slow and taking a lot of gas but I got home alright. Unloaded, even left the stuff out front in the yard. I hope no one notices. Maybe I shouldn't be so uh... open with my theft.

     After work tonight I went to the Gym for some iron pumping and thought. Thinking maybe I should move. No one has gotten on my case yet - as far as I know - but I don't want it to happen either. Moving is a great option for avoiding law enforcement.

     Walking home I passed that crappy diner. More cars out front. Ugh why do they have to be so tempting? You know I had to take it. Really horrid car but at least it runs. Got it to the usual body shop I take everything to. It will be delivered in a few hours to my house but I'll be asleep by then.

     I'll think more about moving tomorrow, my brain's wore out tonight.


  1. Luca, Luca, tsk tsk tsk, stealing a statue from the cemetery. ha! Wonder if anything (or one)came with it?

  2. He gets braver and naughtier by the minute. I love it.