Sunday, July 10, 2011

Chapter 6: Getting Burned

     I got the tickets pretty quickly. All I did was sell something that I had acquired in China. My boss was happy to hear I was leaving as soon as I was. Guess he really wants to get rid of this package.


     In Egypt. It was a quick flight, quicker than I thought it would be. Maybe because I dozed off. I didn't waste any time.
     As I walked to the address I was given, I realized how hot it was. Mental note: never move to Egypt - way too much sun.

      The lady that took the package talked to me for a bit. In passing she mentioned someone having problems with their basement. Apparently they inherited the house, and the basement was loaded with traps. They wanted someone to disarm it for them.
     Of course I volunteered to help right? Not much time to spend here, but might as well keep myself busy.

     Entered the basement, and instantly my body temperature rose by 4 degrees or more. Judging by the heat and the flames emitting from the floor - these were all going to be fire traps. Could've warned me
     Doing pretty well. Sticking my arm in dark places, dangerous but thrilling. Finding switches to deactivate the nearest trap. 

      Found a hidden trap. Sure did, and burnt my ass too. Lucky a well was nearby. I dunked my hot butt right down in that water and extinguished those flames.
     After that I decided to search the floor for before I triggered any more.  

     Piles of rubble don't stand in my way either - clear them out! Under this one is another hole, probably hiding the switch for another trap. 'Dive right in Luca, everything will be fine' Yeah. I hate bugs. Really. I stuck my hand in there expecting the same thing as before - nothing but a switch. Imagine my shock and disgust when I feel millions of little legs crawling on me!
     Not lying, I squealed like a little girl. After that I couldn't shake that fear factor.

     Started making my way toward the exit, I didn't want to be in here anymore. Ugh, more traps. These things are everywhere! Know what else? There's nothing to show for all this hell I'm going through. Time to leave, it's not worth it.
     Unfortunately I attempted to cross the final trap and failed. Miserably. Caught on fire again I dropped to the floor and rolled around until I no longer felt the licking heat on my back. My clothes were burnt off, there was barely anything left. Had to leave in my boxers. Didn't walk either, I was so ready to get out of there that I ran.

     When I got out, I realized it was dark. I didn't have any idea that I had been down there that long! My flights at noon tomorrow.
     I slept in, way in. Which is okay. I didn't have any other plans. Wasn't going back to that basement. No way.
     When I did rise, I went to town - if you can call it 'town'. Market, maybe that's a better term.

     Spending the last few hours of my visit to Egypt charming snakes didn't seem like a horrid idea. Basket at the market was available.
     Nothing happened though. Blew on that horn thingy for all I was worth. Even checked the basket. I think they jipped me, there was no snake!

     The flight home was boring, but quick. They served dinner on the plane, some kind of really dry roasted chicken and rice. Very nasty. I hope I don't travel again any time soon.

     My boss was very thankful. I reported to him as soon as I got back. At least the pay from him kind of paid for all the shit I went through. It was a good size paycheck.

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  1. Whew! Shades of Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom! Snakes and spiders (or huge bugs anyway lol) me no likey! Luca was funny though, I knew his pants were on fire, but this time it was literal ha ha. His expression with the snake episode was priceless. I'm so glad there was no snake lol