Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Chapter 5: Home again

     Back home. It feels kind of weird to consider Sunset Valley my home already. I unpacked all my things pretty quickly when I got home. Both the legally acquired things and the not quite so legal things.

     My house is starting to fill up. At least I have a chair now. I know these gems that I looted from those chests could fetch a good price, but I just can't bring myself to sell them. They look good on my brand new dresser.

     My boss called. Geesh I just get back and he's calling me already? Told him everything was fine, the package was delivered safely. He was happy about that. Actually I got a promotion out of the deal, so that's cool.

     That flight was long, I'm starving.

      Opened my fridge only to realize I have no food. Nothing worth while anyway. Guess I'll make a trip to the grocery store.

     Got everything I needed, got it all home, but didn't even cook anything. I just ate a few apples. It was after that when I figured out it wasn't food hunger that I was experiencing.

     On the way home I passed a huge house. Outdoor carport. Nice truck, very nice. I had to stop by. Be neighborly.

     He let me inside, we talked for a little bit. Just wanted to introduce myself. After I excused myself I watched him through the windows for an hour. He went to bed.

     Stealing that truck was amazing. I dropped it off at the body shop before crashing in bed. After a thrill like that, I slept like a baby. It was great.

     When I woke I remembered that I had the day off. I'm not good with off days. I can't stand to be still.

     I read a book after breakfast. That was boring, I guess that's just not my thing. Then I remembered my training dummy for Martial Arts. I'd have to say that's a lot more exhilarating than reading.

     After lunch I cleaned up the dishes. It was then that my stolen sink decided to spray water everywhere. That annoyed me. I can't say that I am a very good plumber, very much lacking in this department, but I fixed it. I think.

     Even though I had a great workout with the training dummy, I didn't feel fulfilled. After sunset I decided to go for a jog.

     I passed a small park with a chessboard. Nice chessboard. Matching chairs too. I just had to have that. It would go nice in my study. Whenever I build one.

     I wasn't too far from home so I took it. Good thing that there's a storage area for the pieces under the board. It was awkward to carry, but I managed. I went back too. Got the two matching chairs. Nice. I rock.

     When I brought the chairs back home I spotted my new truck out back. Awesome. I like that body shop, they're quick.

     Just as I was getting ready to settle in for the night my boss called me again. What the hell? He bugs me a lot. Must really like me. Okay paying attention now, he mentioned Egypt. What am I the go to guy for going across the sea? It's another package to deliver.

     "Okay yeah sure, sounds fun. Give me a few days to get the dough for tickets." I responded. "I'll pick it up tomorrow at work."

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  1. So he's starting to keep some of the items instead of turning them in for hard cash? Uh-oh, Luca must be getting a teeny bit sentimental lol!