Friday, July 1, 2011

Chapter 4: Red Handed

Chapter 4
Red Handed

     Great day for a jog. Perfect setting too. Took the 'Dragon Maw' offer, figured I'd jog there. Good distance away, some obstacles. Like this huge mountain it's on.


     Jogging loosens me up. Having some urges again, that itch is back. Jogging helps me focus, get it out of my head when it's unavailable.

     Look at a that. This place must be huge. Nice display - kind of ominous. Glad I'm not a coward.

     Big room. There is a door at the back there, but if I have learned anything about exploring, and finding the good stuff - it's not to take the obvious way. Looking around a little bit I notice a section of the wall looks different. Following up with that finds me a secret door. My instincts were right, I knew I was good.

     Fabulous to find piles of money behind these doors. Oh, look... I guess those are supposed to be sarcophaguses? Kickin'.


     SHIT! Something pulled me in there! I dont' know what it was. It tossed me around a bit, then kicked me out. That's not cool. I didn't even get anything out of it. Just a headache.

     Standing there dazed I thought maybe it wasn't a good idea to go poking around in someones burial box. Whatever, I know I'm going to do it again. I can't resist the temptation, nor the possible treasure.

     Maybe I should have just taken the obvious door.

     The woman who offered this said to just search this place until I found what I was looking for.

     Stepping through that door sent me into some kind of trance. I saw a vision. A vision of someone taking something. Was it me? That is probably what the woman wants me to find - or see anyway. I'll have to tell her.

     Hmm, what else is in here?


     A pedestal with a pile of coins in the corner captures my attention. Got 'em. Nice. Actually leaving, I noticed a panel behind a bench. Not hidden enough for the likes of me.

     Stepping on that pops out two holes in the wall. You know I'll look in there.

     Found some gems and more coins in them. Awesome. I wonder how much these things go for? Time to go.

     I told the woman who posted that note what happened in my 'vision'. She was pleased someone finally did it. Now she knew what to look out for. I didn't know what she was talking about, nor did I really care. My mind was starting to drift, and I was feeling anxious. I think I've put it off for too long.

     Those chairs were nice. Yes they were. 

     Won't be that hard. This place isn't that busy anymore, it's into evening. Everyone is going home. I have two arms. Maybe two chairs. Take them and run. Hide them and go back later. Yep, I'm so good at this.

     Again, by the time anyone is looking for me, I'll be long gone. My flight is tonight.


     I came back for more. Yeah, that wasn't enough. I had put off my urge for so long it seemed I needed more to satisfy it. I should know better. Never push your luck.

     A guy passing by. Maybe a sly back flex will look natural? Seems to work. Take another glance around, no one else there. Snatch up an artifact.



     Someone caught me. He came out of his store to yell at me. I gave him some excuse like 'only moving it, and looking.' Don't think he bought it. Oh wait, maybe if I bought something from him?

     That worked. It cost me more than I would have hoped, but to get him off my back - it's worth it. So I go now with a training dummy, and a book on martial arts. Also a chest, kind of like those treasure chests I've been raiding.

     Then he said "Go before I change my mind." Blow the guy off, whatever man. He won't call the law.

     Went to where I hid my chairs, gotta get them packed along with everything else. Stashed in a tower, turned to go and paused at the view. I'm not a big 'sentimental' guy, but this place is rather nice.

     Flights in a couple hours, actually I am glad I'm flying out tonight.


  1. Oh, man I thought he would not make to the end of this update alive! LOL Anxious to see what happens in the next chapter...although...if memory serves, I think you said there would be 10-15 chapters?

  2. Yes, there are 10ish chapters. Possibly 11 depending on where the best stopping points are.
    Yeah, I thought he was in BIG trouble LOL but the guy just yelled at him! And he still stole the item... funny.