Saturday, June 25, 2011

Chapter 3: Tomb Raider?

Chapter 3
Tomb Raider?

     The Halls of the Lost Army was cool I guess, I'm not really into art THAT much. At least not into art that I can't steal. The interesting part was a tile on the floor. It had footprints in it. I stepped on them, just because I could. When I did, the thing lit up and a staircase right next to me dropped from the floor. That shocked me.

     Well, I have never been much of an explorer, but this intrigued me. Maybe I could find something worth my trip here.


     You can bet, when the first thing I see down there is a pile of money - that I'll be happy to continue. I wonder how many things there are down here.

     Continuing the exploration I found myself trying to solve puzzles. There was a tile on the floor in here, like upstairs, that unlocked the door here - but every time I stepped off of it, it relocked it. I pulled a statue on top of it, and that worked.

     So any stone that has a gear type shape on it, I have to put something heavy on. The only things heavy down here are statues. They work so I'm not complaining too much, but if I'd have known it would be so much work ... maybe I wouldn't have come down.

     Any tiles with footprints on them are easy, just step on them for a moment. I did find one tile that was covered in crap. Luckily I found a pick axe nearby. I used that to clear the debris.

     When I ran into some kind of barrier that was shooting electric bolts out of the floor, I nearly turned around. I could see through the statues though, and what I saw made me push forward. A chest, there had to be something good in it.

     I found out that if I pushed as statue on top of the holes in the floor, they broke or something and quit shooting lightning! Awesome.


     There was something nice in that chest, even though I had to move more statues to get to it. Actually there was more than one chest back there. Oh, I was happy with the treasures, there were artifacts and gems, not to mention piles of coins! Maybe I will quit my day (rather night) job and become a tomb raider. Nah, I couldn't give up what I love most about my life. Though I wouldn't mind taking this up as a hobby.

     I even found myself sticking my arm into holes in the wall. That's just crazy, think of all the things that could be in there! Oh well, I haven't run in to anything odd yet, I even found some good gems in there.

     A well. What in the world is a well doing down here? It's odd enough for me to check out.
     Nothing down there but a tunnel. That leads to another room. A room with another 'treasure chest', now that's cool. Some coins and... what is this a star shaped stone slab? Hmm.

     Go back through the tunnel, nothing else in here. Ah, I see what the star shaped stone is for, it fits into this wall slot. That unlocks the door. Well that's a lot easier than pulling huge statues all over the place.

     Through that door I find myself in a room with nothing but a wall, and a foot plate. Step on it and the wall opens! I wasn't really expecting that, but hey whatever. Past the secret door I'm back at where I started. Well that was fun, and enlightening. I didn't know places like this actually existed. I thought they were just in moves, stages. Cool. 

     Nothing else to do, going for a walk around the Forbidden City. Hunger, can't really ignore that. How long has it been since I've eaten anyway? A while. Luckily the locals here have Tri-Tip Steak. My fave, oh so good. Even better than the townhome woman's.

     I kind of like these chairs... really. I don't have any chairs at home.

     Rough night, got up and started to leave to grab a quick shower when I noticed the woman that I share half of this room with was lying on top of the bed in her underwear. Distracting. Very - but I left. Was she trying to get my attention? I get that a lot.

      Quick cereal breakfast. It's actually been a while since I enjoyed a real breakfast food. Normally I skip right to brunch or lunch. Last night I saw the bulletin board outside, it has posting on it. 'Job' offers from people who are too lazy to do their own crap. Hey, if I get paid for it - and not to mention the loot I get on my own - why not? I never thought of myself as a 'do-gooder', then again I'm not really doing it for them anyway. I'm doing it for what I get in the end.

     Found something for exploring the 'Dragon's Maw'. Sounds intriguing.

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  1. LOL, at least he is trying to earn an honest living, but then again, how honest is it going to "turn out".
    I like how he ignored his roommate. Man has his priorities straight. ;)