Friday, June 17, 2011

The Life and Lies of Luca

Luca Benedetto: Gemini

Traits include - Workaholic, Kleptomaniac, Athletic, Lucky and Ambitious.

He likes Tri-tip Steak, Electronica Music and the Color black.

Chapter 1
Settling in 'nicely'


     Hey, I'm Luca Benedetto. I just moved here to Sunset Valley to disturb some peace. Yes that's what I said - disturb the peace. I'm not here to make friends, nor play nice. I only moved away from Cagno because it was mostly cleaned out, that and the Mafia found out about me and went on the hunt. I guess my type of business can't go down without their knowledge - they disapprove of thieves and such as myself doing what we do in their territory.

     The house I got myself was probably the crappiest and smallest in the neighborhood, but I don't care. Also, it's pretty empty in there. Basically all I have is a bed, fridge, stove and bathroom necessities. I don't even have a television or anything to sit on.

     The trip from Cagno was a long one, and I am already itching. I have a need to fulfill. I wondered if I could pull it off tonight. I had arrived pretty early morning - applied for and gotten a job in the Criminal career. Back at home I was already at the top of this ladder, but I guess I will have to start over. It probably won't take long for me, I'm an expert thief.

     The street I live on is full of huge, rich looking houses. The one I moved into is small but it has a perfect view. Speaking of the houses on my street, I think I'll pay a little visit to my neighbor this evening. First I'll settle at home with some pizza, I have enough money for that.

     Two doors down looks good. Nice, big  -  expensive house.
     "Hey, I'm Luca, I just moved to Sunset Valley." I said as I shook his hand. He spoke too, but honestly I didn't hear him. My mind was elsewhere, already planning. He invited me in. Good.

     "You know, um, I really need to use your restroom. Can you show me where it is?" He pointed it out to me and said something about food. I still wasn't listening, I was still itching. I found the bathroom okay though.

     Luckily, in his bathroom there was a window. That helps. I rubbed my hands together warming them - getting them ready. My whole body warmed in anticipation. Satisfying a need like this feels amazing. Glancing around the room I decided that he had one too many mirrors. He would be fine if one went missing. As silently as I could, I removed it from the wall and tossed it out the window. I'll retrieve it when I leave.

     I flushed the toilet as I walked out, just covering all bases.

     I didn't just run out an leave the guy, that would have been suspicious. Like I said, I'm an expert. I stayed and chatted with him for an hour or so but refused his appetizing salad. I wasn't big on salad, the only reason you'll see me eat them is if I'm out of all other options. Anyway, even though I'm not completely satisfied, I'm wearing out my welcome. Time to go.



     Walking out of his house I felt the need rise again. Maybe it was because it was too inviting to just take something else. I had to pick up my new mirror, but I didn't want to carry it all the way home. It may only be a couple of houses, but still. A car. That would work nicely. I don't have a car yet. Cars weren't my specialty but I know how to do it. Sounds good.
     Oddly, it was unlocked. Not that I'm complaining, that makes it easier for me. Okay, climb in the driver seat, get under the dash, strip the green and blue wires, snip each and touch them together. Engine starts, no big deal. Can't take the car home right away of course, but I did pass a body shop on the way into Sunset Valley. It's not that late, so I'll take it there.

     All done, the car will be delivered to my home in a few nights. New color, new rims. Unrecognizable. Drop it off and run home.


     Morning, I feel good. Last night went perfect. Now, I have a mirror and a car. Just a small step closer to my lifetime goal. That's the thing about a dream, it has to be just out of reach, that way you strive for it.

     Shower, no shaving, I like the scruffy look. I cooked breakfast, waffles, I burnt the shit out of them but that's okay. I've never been that good in a kitchen. Okay time for work, the carpool is honking outside.


     My phone rings. Damnit, I hope the carpool waits. "Hello, what is it?" It's my boss. Oops, a little snippy. I listen as an odd request comes across the line. "Yea sure I guess. I mean I just started here a few days ago, you want me to leave already?" He talks some more. "Thanks sir, I appreciate that." He sees my potential, and he wants to help me move up the Criminal ladder quicker. "Okay sir, I'll be in in 20 minutes."

     He wants me to go to Shang Simla, China. Wow. That's quite a trip. It's to deliver a package, my boss doesn't quite trust me enough to let me know what it is, but I can pick it up at work today and get to Shang Simla as soon as I can. I'll probably leave in a couple of days. I need a paycheck or two to be able to afford the ticket.

     I got a call at work to let me know my car was delivered. Can't wait to drive it.


  1. Woot! A bad boy story :D he he he Somehow I think he won't last long, though--too dangerous a life. I like that you are writing in the first person in this story like you did with Citryne. :)

  2. It's almost like Luca is too handsome to be such a bad boy. lol a mirror and a car . . . just what every needs to get life started, lol