Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Back out

A few days after Amons and Mothers birthdays, I got out of school feeling a little tied down. I really had to get out, its a good thing I called and bought plane tickets this afternoon. Right as I was thinking that my cousin came up to me and asked if he could visit for a while. I told him yes, but it had to be a quick visit, I had things to do. He agreed, as long as he did not have to go home right away he was fine with that.
Deandre and I arrived at the house right on schedule, and we talked for a bit. We seem to get along pretty well. No one at school likes him because he is a loser. I'm like him though, he has a hidden cool person in there once you get to know him. He kept his visit short, like he promised. As soon as he left, I ran up to my room and packed a few things. Amon was not home from school yet, so I scribbled him a quick note to say I would be back in a couple days. Mother was in the kitchen, so I hugged her and said goodbye.
My flight was leaving soon, I rushed to the car and out of the driveway. I was thrilled and anxious to get to a new place. Sometimes it feels like the world is to much for me, and I have to see more of it. That way I know there is more, and not just my little town Sunset Valley.
Les Sims France seemed like the perfect destination for me. Same as my last visit, I had to take a picture of the city as I was coming in to land. It is so pretty here! My planed arrived mid-morning, and I took a few hours to settle in. As soon as I was ready though, I scanned the local bulletin board for anyone needing help. The first thing posted was pretty easy, I tackled that right away, actually I already had what they were looking for in my suitcase on my bed. I ran up to get it and rented a scooter to go give it to the woman needing it. I didn't ask why she would need a relic, it was not my business. I continued to do some little helpful jobs throught the day, until dusk actually. I spent the night at homebase. The next morning I checked that board again, but this time was looking for something a little more involved. I saw the perfect notice, and ripped that little piece of paper off, then headed out. I checked in with a man who needed me to get what was buried at a certain location. As soon as I reached my destination and entered the darkness I was met with a big pile of rubble to clear. They must have had a pretty bad cave in, briefly I wondered how long it had been blocked off and what lies behind the hidden door. Behind that hidden door, happened to be a footswitch. When I stood on it, the switch unlocked another door before me. The next room was a hallway actually. When I stood on this switch, it unlocked a door but as soon as I stepped off and tried the door, it was locked again. I saw a statue available for moving, and pulled it onto the switch. There was also some coins and a nice relic to collect here too. I stashed those away and kept moving. I got into a room where there were plenty of rubble piles to clear. Also, plenty of treasures under those piles! One of the piles of rubble had fallen atop a stone table with a key that looked to belong to the door in the same room. I picked that up along with the other treasures. There was a hole in the wall, and as much as I hate bugs, it just had to be investigated! I found a nice amount of ancient coins in there. While I was inserting the keyI had found into the proper keyhole, I noticed to the left the wall looked a little off. I inspected the wall to find a secret door. Lucky I noticed that, because there was a nice precious gem in there. In placing the heartkey, into the right place and unlocking that door, it led me to another room with a few statues and a floor switch. After a little bit of time I managed to move a statue on top of it, wich activated another switch. I placed a statue on that one as well and stood on the third that appeared when I had both switches covered. Completing all 3 items opened up a staircase right there in the middle of the floor. Feeling very adventurous, I crept downward. Below, there was a great maze! Along the walls of the mazeroom, there were secret doors to discover... ...leading to rooms of treasure. There were plenty of gems to gather and treasures to find in the maze itself. I walked around there for hours trying to find my way around and picking up the loot. Also, there were some puzzles to solve. Moving more statues. This was pretty tiring! Actually to the right here was a room where a tent was already set up, orignally I had not planned to use it but being so tired I gave in. I camped for the night in the old puptent with a skeleton lying right outside. After a rough nights sleep I woke to my shower in a can, a dried morsel and an apple for breakfast. It was time to move onward, this was actually my last day here, so I needed to get this done. I walked back into the maze and in finding my way around I noticed a small door in the corner, this one required a key. Earlier, one of the things I located in this maze was a stone key... I hope its the right one. Thankfully, that was the correct key and it led to a very nice room with a big chest in it. The chest contained some coins and a few fragmented pieces. I collected everything and continued on, making my way through the maze again, back to the door I had just unlocked the night before. This room was actually quite large, and resembled a tomb, there were gravestones everywhere. In the center there was a hole in the ground asid a stone table with a very nice bottle of nectar. The nectar is what I am here to collect, but of course, I can never leave a hole unventured! Much to my dismay, there were a LOT of bugs in there, but also a very nice bag of money. I pulled out both, then collected the nectar, and searched the room for other doors. I found two, one led to another nice room, this one held a very cool looking gargoyle. I collected that loot and exited.

The next door led to staircase, which when I went up, led to the first room that I entered. I had gone through the whole place, and was headed out. The night was quickly approaching, and this was the night of my flight home. This trip seemed to go by very quickly. I did have time to go back to that gentleman and give him the wine I retrieved for him.

After finishing up that job, I went to the market and got some dinner, so I would not be starving on the plane. As I was eating my cellphone rang. It was the airport calling to tell me a taxi was on the way to pick me up.

**Writers note: For some reason, half of my pictures are missing that were taken on her trip. This post was meant to have more pics in it but... I can't find them. Actually through her teen years, a lot of them are missing which will make it difficult to post. I hope it turns out good :-\

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