Monday, August 2, 2010

Gotta run

Every morning since Amon has arrived, I can not wait to go play with him with him before leaving for school. I even cuddle with him before I eat! Lately that is what my life has been full of; my little brother and school. Mother is going back to work now, so in the evenings Amon is mine to take care of.
After school, of course I sit and do my homework. Even if someone has come home from school with me. Then we hang out for a while.
Today, while my mother is at work, I am going to start practicing my Martial Arts. This is gonna be fun!

Today is also Amons birthday! He has gotten so big in such a short amount of time. I will already miss him being a little infant! He still loves to be alone, and even though he is just a toddler, he seems to be a bit of a slob too. He must have gotten that from his father because Mother and I are both neat freaks. I have been snapping some photos of him as he learns and grows. He is fun to be with.

Although, he is at his cutest when he is sound asleep in his bed.

The next day I decided, with Amon being a little more independent now, and Mother having a few days off, I am going to go on a trip. Start the morning off right though; get up, shower, eat breakfast, and always use the restroom right before a long flight right?

I think I will have one of these blueberry muffins for breakfast though, not to much, I'm a little nervous about flying. Just to be sure I have this right, I am going to call and confirm my flight plans.

I gave Amon his xylophone to play with and kissed him and Mother goodbye, told them I would be back soon! Mother wished me luck, and told me to be safe.

I am headed out to start my life as the great adventurer I am!

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