Monday, August 2, 2010

The new me

Now that I am a teenager, it is time to get busy with my life! Mother started me off nicely, and gave me her old car. Oldie but still a goodie, she did not drive it after she got her truck. I am not a gold person though, I am headed out to get it painted!
Well, I dropped my car off at the body shop, they said it would be a couple hours wait though. Okay so I am gonna run and do a few things while I wait. The gym is right across the street, I would love to start working out on a regular basis, and there is no day like today right? So I headed to the weight bench first... I can do cardio easy at home. I had a pretty good chuckle when the guy behind me fell as he was power walking on the treadmill. It did not slow him down though, he got right back at it. Way to go!

Okay, so I have had a little bit of a workout, I'm feeling pretty pumped about this new outlook on life, being more in control of my life is awesome. Okay second thing on the 'to do' list, is get a new outfit. I am sick of this clothing that looks like I am an old lady waiting to happen.

Since I am older now, the state would allow me to get a job if I wish. Actually, I do not want a full time, nor part time job. I want a job with open hours... and one I can do while on my travels. I am gonna go into city hall and see what they have available.

Alright! I found the perfect job opening while I was there. Browsing on their job openings a little bit, I found out that there are not many photographers around. That sounds perfect, I'll take it. Thankfully, my car was ready to take home soon after I got my new job. So I think I am done in town for a while, time to go home and cook my mother dinner.

Oh my goodness! As I walked in the door, I saw my mother crouched over in pain in the middle of the living room. She said it was nothing, it couldn't be... the baby was not due quite yet! After about 20 minutes and quite a few shooting pains, she gave into them being contractions and I gave her a ride to the hospital.

Somehow, Caitlyn (my cousin) heard about the baby coming, and she was in front of the hospital when we got there. She wished Mother the best of luck and a smooth delivery. We headed in for a long and obviously painful delivery.

Mother was in labor for 5 hours. The doctors told her the baby was premature and slightly underweight, but he would be fine to come home with us.
My mother decided to give him an Egyptian name, Amon. Amon means 'the hidden one', and since she did not realize she was pregnant at first, she thought it would be fitting.
He is the most adorable baby I have ever seen, actually the only baby I have ever seen. He is a very happy little man, and actually tends to be a little happier when he is by his self. I thought that was kind of odd for an infant, but every one is different right? He's so cute I just want to pinch his cheeks!
It is great to finally have Amon in our life, I am happy to help Mother whenever she needs it. Even though it is already pretty late tonight, I am going to stay up with Amon while mother gets some needed rest. That delivery wore her down to nothing.

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