Monday, August 16, 2010

Lots of new

This is the plot of land that was chosen for my new home.
A beautiful spot atop a high cliff over the ocean.
This is my new home, after construction was completed. Look you can even see my mothers house from here! I fell in love with this house the minute I stepped inside. It was perfect for just me, a lone traveler. And (as ordered) it had lots of my favorite color in it.. green.
This is the downstairs, after decorating and moving in all my new furniture.
This is upstairs. I have an empty room up here, for my things that I collect during my trips maybe. Or I'll turn it into a library. I am not sure yet what to do there.
Since it was still morning, late morning. I decided to make some breakfast for myself. Unfortunately I am not used to this new stove, and completely burnt everything!
My mother came to visit me, and take a look at the new house. She absolutely loved the new place. She also told me she had been watching the construction of it with her telescope. We talked for a while, and also watched some television before she had to leave, to get ready for work.
I went out to get some new clothes and get a hair-cut. I have had long hair since I was little, but it was starting to get in the way. So I cut most of it off, and started putting it up in a clip everyday.
I just love the view atop this cliff. It is also so peaceful, no traffic or loud city noises here.
A few days after I moved in I thought about it, and really wanted to get a tattoo. While I was there though, I decided to get two. I really like them, of course they are my fave color!
I can see the boats from up here! This is a great place to live. I am still getting used to my surroundings, but it is wonderful.
Mother gave me her board breaker, to keep up my practice. I have gotten pretty good at it. This keeps me pretty focused.
I went to visit Mother one day, and I stayed and chatted with her for a long time. She made us some lunch, and we watched a movie. Right before I left she told me that before she had given me that board breaker, she got good enough to break a space rock! ...
I figured I would go home and try. I failed miserably and really hurt my hand trying. So I was semi-handicapped for the rest of the day. I decided to treat myself to dinner and a movie.
I had a really fun night actually. Even though I was alone, something about that night was just great. Maybe it is because I was alone... no one else to worry about. That is a first for me.
The next day I did my laundry, and hung it out to dry. Saving on energy keeps the bills down some. While I was doing so, something got into me, and I just decided I want to take another trip.
So I picked up the phone, and dialed the airport to purchase a ticket.

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