Friday, July 23, 2010

I was born

So the day came when I was born and named Amelia. This was a very happy occasion for mother and grandmother, they anxiously anticipated my arrival and let out a sigh of relief when the delivery went well.
Not much happens in the life of an infant, but I will gladly share my favorite things as I learn and grow!
Mother loves to play with me whenever she can. She has a little while off of work as a new mother, but she does still work from home. Grandmother is also at home to help as well. Mother could tell right away, as I was pretty eager to do things, that I was adventurous from the start.
Being so into music, my mother has written me a special song . She plays it for me everyday, I really enjoy listening to her play and sing. Mother does not give herself as much credit as she deserves and whenever I smile and giggle at her playing, she just tells me that I am easily impressed.
This is grandmother and I. She cuddles me everyday, and she seems so warm and comforting. Grandmother talks to me often and tells me stories from her youth. She seems to be a very happy woman.
Every night before bed, mother gives me my night time meal in my room, and snuggles me for a while. Then she sings me one last song, a sweet little lullaby to help me fall asleep. It works everytime.
* This is how my life goes, as happy as an infant could ever be. No reason to cry, ever, in this family.

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