Friday, July 23, 2010

Toddler time

It is my birthday today! That's right, turning the big ONE ! I am getting a lot bigger, and mother can not hold me down anymore! We are having my birthday party at the city park, and inviting mothers 2 brothers and 2 sisters to come along. Of course grandmother is going to be there, and some of mothers friends.
Although I do not care who shows up, all I want is that cake!
Here I am! Toddler time has come, now I can crawl around and get into things. Many toys need to be played with, and puddles needing to be adequately splashed in. Maybe even some toilets to check out.
I guess there are also some lessons to be learned as well. Mother is teaching me how to walk. She has told me that walking is very important. "If you do not know how to walk, you can never approach your future", she says.
I think this is my favorite thing to learn... eating! This stuff is so yummy, most of the time mother makes me oatmeal. Apple cinnamon is the best flavor, and I would say maple flavor is second. I also loves when she serves spaghetti! It is so fun to make a big mess.
Grandmother and Mother bought me a few toys for my birthday a few weeks ago, my best toy ever is this yellow car. I will always play with this one first. Although I love to play with my blocks as well, and construct things. Mother says I am eccentric... whatever that means. I put all my toys back where I got them when I am done playing. That is probably because Mother passed down her neat trait to me, she always says, "A clean house is the best house, you can't beat it."
Another thing to learn at this age... how to use the big girl potty. This is actually kind of easy, it's just getting control that is the hard part. I can sit here and do my business, but my question is how do I learn when to do this? Mother tells me that 'business' in a diaper is dirty, and since I like to be clean, I better pick up on this quick huh?
Toddler life is fun, a lot of things to do,
Mother says to treasure it, because it will pass by soon.
I am not sure if she is trying to convince me or herself though,
she gets a dreamy look when she sees me sometimes,
and a silly little smile.
She is wonderful, this mother of mine.

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