Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Chapter 24


Chapter 24


I took a deep breath as I approached my love, he was so still that I thought it would be way too late.

I pulled out the staff, and fought back tears. I wanted to hope - to dream - but I feared to expect too much.

The tip of the staff started to glow as I held it out toward Akolo. I fervently wished he could come back to me so I could tell him how I felt about him. I closed my eyes.


It was a long quiet moment, it felt like eternity as I stood there waiting.

Just as I was about to give in and cry, knowing he would never return to me, I felt someone looking at me. When I opened my eyes I saw him standing there in front of me.

Before a smile had the chance to crack my lips, Akolo jumped into my arms. I felt joy as much as he did. As soon as his feet touched the ground I kissed him so fiercely and passionately that the world around us disappeared. There was only Akolo and myself, and I would never let him go again. I would never leave.

The chief had to clear his throat to capture my attention many times before I noticed him.

"You have saved our village Citryne! No one can thank you more than I. We are in your debt." He said to me.

Shaman Amanaki stepped up to me. "Also, you have returned the stolen staff to it's rightful place."

I blushed at the compliments. My cheeks felt red hot. "I only did what anyone would do."

"That is not so Citryne. You have done what nobody would. You have done mighty and righteous deeds. The volcano smiles upon you. Therefore, I appoint you my successor Citryne. From this time forward you are the Shaman of this tribe!"

My eyes opened wide. I knew that he would not offer this lightly, and I shouldn't refuse. But was a Shaman allowed to have a family? After a few seconds of shock I managed to say, "I am so honored, I would love to follow you. I have one request before I do so though."

I turned to Akolo.  


"Akolo, I know times have been weird and tough. I also know we don't know each other completely, but I do know that I love you. I love you more than anything I know right now."

"And I you Citryne, I owe you my life, but you get way more than that. You get my love, respect and devotion as well. My whole heart and soul. The volcano smiles on you, it's true, but it smiles on my more because it gave me you and your love."

I felt the heat rise to my cheeks again but ignored it. "Akolo... Marry me. I want to marry you. Will you stay with me forever?"

Akolo didn't even wait long enough to blink, he hugged me fast and tight. "Nothing would please me more Citryne. I will marry you, as soon as the volcano allows!"

His embrace warmed me to my toes. I think my whole body was blushing. I was so happy in that moment, that at first I associated the buzz I heard as my brain reeling with the newest emotions. It took me a few moments to realize that the noise was getting louder, and more annoying.

As much as I hated to let him go, even for a moment, I stepped back from Akolo and looked around. What is that noise? I covered my ears, it was loud now. Then I saw it.

It was a helicopter. In addition to the helicopters arrival, the other survivors of my shipwreck ran out of the woods screaming, "We're saved! They've found us! We can go home!"


It all happened so fast it was a blur. The helicopter landed, and a man stepped out.

Since I was the closest person, he called me over.

"My name is Ron, I have a delivery for Professor Rhinehart." He said to me.

"Uh. He had to step off the island. I'm not sure when he'll be back." I said, with as straight a face as I could manage.

"Oh alright, well I'll leave it here with you, if you could just give it to him when he returns. It seemed important, and I wouldn't want to take off with it. I don't ever want to come back here, that was a heck of a trip!"

Just then, the other survivors ran up to Ron and I. He looked surprised.

The sun came up as we talked to him.
"They are survivors from a shipwreck, perhaps you've heard of  the Solomon Queen." I decided to speak for the group. "They have been here a while now, waiting for rescue."

The others started talking all at once, making it impossible for Ron to hear anything really. The only thing he could make out was 'home' and 'rescue'. He started to nod with understanding.

"Do you think you could give them a lift home? It looks like you have room in that helicopter." There was more than one reason I was helping the survivors. One: they really needed help, they couldn't survive here - no way. Two: I wanted them the hell off my island. I didn't ever want to see any of them again.

Ron pondered for a moment. "Well if I shift... maybe move this... Yeah, Sure I can accommodate you all. It might be a squeeze though."

People started filing into the chopper. Behind the crowd, something else was going on.


Robby spoke, "You know, people work all their lives to retire in a place like this. I'm not going anywhere." He gazed at Emma with hopeful eyes.

She seemed to catch his meaning. "Me too. I don't want to lose you.... or my tan."

I guess that was what Robby wanted to hear. The two of them kissed and embraced. Ron and I witnessed.

"I guess they aren't coming?" Asked Ron, a small smile on his face.

I chuckled. "I guess not."

"Well that's my cue then. I assume you would be in there if you were leaving as well. SO, I guess we are free to go. Happy to be of service Ma'am, be careful around these parts." Ron stated.

Ron climbed into the helicopter and signaled the pilot to take off. They did, I watched as they disappeared into the sunrise, not sorry at all that I stayed. I had promised Akolo my life, and I fully intended to give it to him.

I looked down at the box. My curiosity got the best of me. 'Let's find out what this old man was up to' I said to myself. I gently pried open the box, fearful of something explosive I guess. When it was open I looked at the item. Unsure of what it was, I pulled out the piece of paper sticking to it.

"A weather control device? This was the evil project he was working on at the research base all those years ago?" I said aloud. I was shocked. "It looks like he was setting up to be some volcano god or something and live forever. I guess the volcano had different ideas."

As I was standing there talking to myself, I heard a call from behind me.

"Over here! Come here Citryne!"


I looked back and smiled.

The tribe, my tribe, had set up an arch for Akolo and I.

"Let's marry!" Said Akolo, loud enough for me to hear. I didn't hesitate. I was at his side so quickly, it felt like I flew there.

We faced each other as the my mentor Amanaki bound us together as husband and wife.

The words were unimportant to me. I'm not even sure what we said anymore. I just know that I promised him my love for life, and he the same. The kiss that sealed the marriage was the most passionate, and steamy kisses that we had shared.

We were bonded forever, our souls united as one. I could not have been happier.

Our tribe erupted in cheers and applause. The chief announced that it was Luau time again, but Akolo and I didn't really hear him.

Akolo started to kiss my lips. His warm lips made a path down my throat, wherever they met my skin there was a lasting tingle. I felt heat, and overwhelming desire.

Before we joined the Luau we spent some time alone.

That was the best night of my life.


  1. Fantastic ending! I love that she and Akolo ended up together :D These last pics (the closeups!) were especially good. Happy to see the last of those survivors, too. Will you be starting a new Sim Story?

  2. I am glad you liked it!
    I do hope to start a new one soon. I'll have to see what I have going in TS3, there are many stories happening! lol So at the moment, I am not sure when it will begin.

  3. Awww, happy ending, a find, a rescue and a wedding!