Just to let you know...

The way I play this game is simple.
  • There is no cheating. I will never give a sim something if they do not earn it. If you see a broke family, they will stay broke unless they earn the money.
  • Maids are rarely hired. My sim does all the cleaning and maintaining of the house his/herself. Unless the current sim is rich with nothing else to do with the money, there will be no maid or any service of any kind.
  • Each sim story is their story, in other words, if I am playing Jessie the story will center around Jessie and when she dies the story is over. A new sim and story will begin.
  • I do have mods, and some pictures are posed. Generally it is only to show more detail in the story, or give it flair. Some are nude pics, that's why there's a warning.
  • NOT EVERYTHING in my stories is good stuff! BAD things happen to sims (and people), it is part of life, and we move past them. If you're ever offended by my writing, well... get over it. It's a tale. NOT real life.
The way I play each Sim is simple too
  • It is attempted to fulfill their lifetime wish at all times, and every sim is different.
  • If the sim is family oriented, there will be children, but do not get attached... they will all move out soon.
That's all I can think of for now, I will update as more of my 'rules of gameplay' come to mind.