Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A day in the life

Today Hank's workday consisted of assisting with a crime at the science facility. Afterward he reported back to his boss that the job had been completed. His boss promoted him to Thug right there on the spot and sent him home for the day. Not having a home to go to, Hank went to the park and played chess.

He played well into the night with various opponents. Always loosing the game, never winning. When his eyes started to droop Hank found a nearby picnic basket and blanket and ate the leftover food.

After he was full on hotdogs and chips he then collapsed on the closest bench to sleep for the night.
The next morning Hank spent most of his day exploring the neighborhood. He was always looking for new places to hang out, or scrounging for more food. He found some wild plants ready to harvest at a local pond. He picked and kept as many fruits and vegetables as he could, then decided to fish for a little while. Hank still had not learned any recipes for cooking fish on a grill. Actually Hank had never cooked anything so far in his life, he has only read about it. With his new promotion came a new schedule. Hank worked evenings now so most of his sleeping was done during the day. It was hard to sleep for an extended period of time during the day though, because he was out in the open and there was a lot of noise. Usually he could only catnap. Just as he was about to give in on looking for free food, he spotted a picnic basket on a table near a diner. He grabbed a cold burger out of it.

Hank spends a lot of his time in the gym, and not to work out. They have a nice bathroom including shower, and a fridge with public access. They also have a pool and television. It's the perfect place for Hank. Today is a special day. Hanks nap was interrupted by a phone call. He had been invited to a party. Formal wear only. Hank dressed in his best to get ready. His boss was throwing the party. At the party, everyone was having a wonderful time. Hank met some new people. Including a vampire! He also had the feeling that she was eyeing him not for his friendship, but maybe something else. The visitors and party animals watched a very animated game of chess before the get together ended. Everyone had a great time, even Hank.

Hank found the closest bench to fall asleep on for the rest of the night. In the morning he found that he didn't have much to eat except a raw potato. It could have used a little salt, but beggars can't be choosers.
Hank went into Blarney's place and found the bathroom. There he gave himself a sponge bath, and brushed his teeth. He actually felt more refreshed then he had in days. Before work tonight, he needed to find some more food. Hank has celebrated his adulthood birthday. Not having any friends he hasn't bothered to tell anyone that it was his birthday today. He just went on about his business and tried to stay out of everyone elses way.

Hank had the urge to visit the graveyard. So he went and explored the catacombs and wandered about reading tombstones after work. He was too tired to go anywhere else so fell asleep in the cemetery. Soon after midnight Hank discovered this was not the best place to sleep. Ghosts were awaking and starting to wander, and Hank was not fond of spirits. He would have to find somewhere else to rest his weary head. The Gym is always available...

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  1. I have to say Hank is kind of ingenious at times, doesn't let problems stop him most of the time; just thinks of a way around it, or lives without it. Guess you could say there's a lot to be said for reduced expectations! :D