Friday, November 12, 2010


Early morning Hank harvested his breakfast from a few wild plants. Consisting of lettuce and a bell pepper, Hanks breakfast was filling but boring. He was used to that by now.
Not having to work today, Hank is planning on spending the day in the park. The new computer there really drew his attention and he wanted to get on it. Unfortunately when he got there, someone was already using the laptop. Hank chose to play chess close by so he could see when it was available again.
The person using the laptop stayed there for hours. With his chess game over, Hank looked around for something else to do. "I haven't fished in a while, I'll do that" He told himself.
For another few hours Hank fished out plenty of goldfish to sell to the local market, but he was bored.
Hank went off to the most reliable place he knew for entertainment. The TV at the gym always worked. He loved watching the cooking channel so he turned it as soon as he could. Even watching his favorite station though, Hank was bored yet again. He just couldn't figure out what to do with himself. He decided to work out.
Just starting his workout, he noticed the lady next to him, she looked a little pale. When she stood up, all the sudden she perished. Hank figured she must have exercised herself to death, and stopped pumping iron. Everyone in the gym gathered around to watch this lady's passing. No one seemed to know her personally but there is always some curiosity of what happens when someone dies. This particular time, the lady really did not want to go. She begged for her life, and was denied. Still she refused to be taken, so death took her by force. A nearby woman passed out, a few people thought she might be dead as well, but checked for her breathing. She was still alive.
The party was over. Everyone went back to what they were doing. Except Hank. Hank figured, with what he had just seen, that life was too short to just work himself to death. He didn't like to work out anyway. So he went down to the fridge and got out a quart of ice cream and dug in. After his treat, Hank went back to the park. He found someone occupying the laptop he wished to play on, so played a game of chess with someone else. Pretty soon though, it got late and everyone left the park. The laptop was now unattended and Hank could have his fill of Internet browsing. At one point Hank started fighting to keep his eyes open. It was time for sleep. He climbed onto his favorite park bench and started to snore.
Bright and early that morning, Hank woke up starving. Nearby, Jennifer's family were having a picnic, and they invited Hank to join them. But only two bites in, something happened to Hank. Hank began to feel his parting.
This cannot be right, he wasn't ready to go.
The spirit of Death came and summoned Hank's headstone. It was like he wasn't going to take no for an answer. It was time for Hank to leave.
He didn't go down without a fight though. He argued and begged for more time. He was denied, and like the lady in the gym, Hank was taken by force. The people around were shocked but not heartbroken. Hank left no one behind that would mourn him. He hadn't had any good friends and the lady he loved had passed before him.
Hank lived his life to the fullest, with everything he had. His gravestone remains in the park for all to see for now. Eventually someone will move it to the cemetery to put Hank to rest permanently. Since he was unwilling to go, Hank is sure to continue to prowl the streets even in death.


  1. Awww, I was sorry to see Hank go :( Maybe he'll have really great time as a ghost though...

    So sad that someone would have no family or friends to mourn them, though.

  2. Oh that was sad . . . everyone seemed to be dying around him.

  3. It was sad for me too :-\ I had grown attached to him lol he was cool. I had never done anyone homeless before.