Friday, October 1, 2010

Hank's first night in Sunset Valley

This is the Outstanding Citizen Warehouse. Behind it anyway. Hank applied for a job here, and noticed plants in the back, by the dumpsters. He decided that this would be a good place to set up camp. Hank talked to himself as he harvested the plants in the area. Telling himself that he could sustain himself with the produce, or even sell it for some extra cash. He got accepted for the job position too, so he would be earning money that way as well.

Hank went to the park that morning to socialize with the residents of Sunset Valley. The first lady he met didn't seem to like him at all. He introduced himself by saying that her mother must have been a llama, so maybe that had something to do with the dislike. After some uncomfortable conversation Hank told this woman about how much he hated police, and that he just got a job as a criminal. He kept going on and on about how stupid police were, only to find out that she was a police woman. Ooops. After that, Hank asked to borrow a little bit of money. She simply asked if he was a complete lunatic and turned around to leave. That was a failed relationship. Hank shrugged it off though, he didn't really like her either.
Another woman came up to Hank and started complaining about the bookstore, and them never carrying the book she wants. Not being in the mood to hear any complaining, or having any more idle chit-chat, Hank turned away and went in the direction of the nearest food port.

Hogan's Deep Fry Diner was the closest and cheapest available. Hank had had enough bell peppers for snacks and decided to have a real meal instead.

After his wonderful dinner and dessert, Hank headed back to the park. There was a chessboard there calling his attention. Just about to sit down he met Judy. Judy was a good person, she chatted with him and seemed to ignore his faults, and stinky clothes. They played chess together and talked a lot. After the game Hank told her he was going to go to sleep, but asked for a little money before he left. Judy was so nice that she lent him §8 and told him not to worry about paying her back.

Hank found the nearest bench and fell asleep for the night. He starts his new job tomorrow and wants to be as fresh as possible. Hopefully he won't be stiff and sore from sleeping here all night.

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