Wednesday, October 6, 2010

First Day of Work

Hank wakes up early, he has to work today. Where can he get ready? The gym, that has a public bathroom, with shower.
After Hank's refreshing shower and shave, he feels ready to hit the road. Although a little hungry he has no time to find food.

Hanks wasn't even at work an hour and there was a bust at the building. He was arrested and taken to jail.

Hank spent the majority of the day in a cell. With nothing. No bed, no toilet, no sink but most of all no food. Unfortunately Hank was way to tired to find anything to eat right now.

He found the nearest park bench and napped. He slept until it was dark, when he woke the hunger pains in his stomach took over.

Hank was too hungry to do anything. So he walked down the street and spotted a garbage can. Scrounging was not beneath him. Hank actually found a few valuble things in there. First a rubber ducky, then some regular trash, also a painting! Who would throw that away? He took it. Hank got all the way to the bottom of the can, but there was no food to be found.

Trying to think of something to do for food, Hank realized how weak he was from not eating. Then he had an idea.

The gym! It helped him this morning, and
he knew they had a fridge with protien shakes and healthy snacks. He went right there and mooched some food. When he was full he took a nap by the pool. His friend Judy came up to him, and not seeing that he was sleeping she asked how he was. They talked for a while, and Judy gave him some money, also a cupcake that she happened to have just purchased at a bake sale. Hank thanked her and jumped in the pool, the water felt fabulous. Judy joined him. She was expecting a baby and wouldn't swim too long though. They had a 'hold your breath contest', and Judy won. 

 Judy had to leave and get back to her family so they said goodbye. Hank noticed then, that there was a tv upstairs. He hadn't had any fun in a few days and decided to chill and watch a few shows before moving somewhere else. He didn't want to stay in one place too long, people might not like that.

After a while Hank went back to the park.

When he got there, he noticed that someone had set out a picnic. Never missing an opportunity to eat for free, Hank sat down to a hotdog. It was cold, but he didn't care. Any food was good food to him. Especially if it was free.
Hank is not really great at making friends, but he tries anyway. He talked to this gentleman for a little while, but it seemed to go seriously wrong when Hank said something about the mans kid looking like an idiot. After a while with no one around and nothing to do, Hank got bored and fell asleep on a near park bench.

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